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Working Through Uncertainty

Working Through Uncertainty

(aka: how I went from being a multi 6-figure success coach to a “broke” Living Richly coach)

I was scared to tell you this, but now I just have to!

Up until recently, the last 6 months had felt like my world was flipped upside down. From an outside perspective, it probably didn’t look like much had changed, but internally I felt so confused!

You see, late last year I was guided to NOT launch the one program that was the core of my business. I had been running the Sexified Success Circle (SSC) for the last 4 years, and another version of it for the 2 years before that. It was my passion and something that my heart had guided me to so strongly, so long ago. (Though, looking back now, I can admit that it was starting to feel pretty comfortable.)

It was also, on a really practical level, what my whole business model was based on: securing my income a year in advance and working with the same group of clients intimately throughout the year. You may have even heard me speak on that before – a lot of people knew me, in some way, as the woman who could help you set up your business to secure your income for the next year.

I LOVE me some certainty – to the point that I will eat the same thing at the same place over and over again when I know I like it.

That’s why when I received this guidance to not run SSC as usual, I felt lost.

This was something that wasn’t broken. I had it working so smoothly: retreats, group calls, 1:1s. I had really got it down to a science over the years and even have a waitlist of over 120 women for the next round.

It just seemed crazy to not launch it as usual. I hoped that it was a matter of shifting my SMC (Soul Mate Client) a bit for the next round and then I’d launch a month or two later.


Every time I checked in it was a clear “wait” or “no.”And, there wasn’t anything else coming through for me as inspiration to offer instead. Still, regardless of logic and extreme annoyance in those moments, I am a person that follows the guidance.

Luckily, I had enough profit to carry my husband and I through for several months, and I just gave myself as much permission as I could to enjoy that time and see what wanted to be created.

There were moments of:
“Should I be pushing for something?”
“Should I just open up spots for a different program, even though that doesn’t feel right?”
“Am I being irresponsible by following this guidance? By letting myself use savings? By not doing whatever it takes to make money right NOW?”

I went from regularly having 6++ months of income sitting in my bank, $100k in my checking account, and fully believing and knowing that I would always be provided for by my business to… being at my zero (which isn’t actually zero but FEELS like zero), using my credit card for some important things (which I prefer not to do), and questioning everything.

I felt uncomfortable and so confused. There were moments where I felt more scarcity than literally any time in my life.

I was a successful, established business owner who prided herself on planning ahead, being good with money and financially responsible, and securing a year’s income in advance BEFORE the year even started. I went from knowing on a deep level that I always have more than enough, to having multiple moments of time where I was doubting that and having thoughts that I KNEW my clients had had before.

What a f*kin’ ego blow, hey?!

Here’s the thing about following the guidance: it ALWAYS, always leads to something better than what you could have planned or even imagined. It requires an exorbitant amount of trust and surrender, and in many moments, it’s NOT comfortable. But, it always pays off.

Earlier on, shortly after realizing I wasn’t going to launch SSC, I had quite a bit of extra spaciousness in my life. Most people that know me, know that my life is already very spacious, so you can imagine what this was like!

Because of that spaciousness, I created something I likely would not have created if I had my income secure for the next year and was joyfully occupied with supporting my clients.

I created the R.I.C.H. framework and received a full vision for something I had been longing for, for a long time: a vision that felt like something that was beyond me. Beyond my nice lifestyle. Something that moved me again, and would move others. This was not a need, it was a deep calling that I *tried to figure out* for ages.

Of course, it didn’t come until I had surrendered to getting uncomfortable and had the space to really take it all in.

Living Richly was born.

It was with this that I had to move through some big stuff. I knew that through this, I wanted to shift the idea that how RICH we feel needs to be dictated by how much money we have or don’t have. By the circumstances we are experiencing. By the background we were raised into.

Now every time I claim something like this, I end up going through an initiation – basically being put right into the position of what I’m most scared I couldn’t help someone through because I couldn’t fully relate. So, lo and behold, I land myself in the exact situation I was praying I wouldn’t have to go through.

I landed myself in the exact position I needed to be in, in order to REALLY, really practice what I was going to be preaching to the world on a level deeper than I could have imagined before. (and to move through the fear of judgments I anticipated others may have, like “Who am I to teach this when I’m so privileged?”)

Could I really feel rich when I didn’t know where the money was going to come from for the next month?
Could I really feel rich if I had some debt?
Could I really feel rich when circumstances around me told me I “shouldn’t” feel rich?

How could I move through this seemingly challenging, uncertain time with more ease, while feeling rich?

It was like God was asking, “Can you really stand fully by what you want to teach, and practice it in what feels like the most challenging of situations (because others ARE experiencing this and you need to guide them through)?”

It’s been a practice of deepening into my teachings, new and old – embodying them on a whole new level.

And, guess what: the downloads, visions, inspiration, passion started to come through even more. The money and clients started to come through again. The fears I had about sharing Living Richly with the world had dissipated, the vision strengthened, and the next steps became clear.

Now all of this was NOT something I could have imagined or planned for last year when I was getting ready to launch SSC. Nor is it likely something I would have been able to receive had I ignored the guidance to not launch SSC as planned.

I have been reminded again that when we follow our guidance, no matter how illogical or crazy it may seem, that something even better than what we could imagine is on the other side.

Honestly, I was hesitant and even a little bit scared to share this because I know that some people who really need to work with me are scared that if they do, they will be guided to slow down and what will happen if they do.

The truth is, I can’t tell you what your journey will look like, and I can’t promise your income will quadruple or that you won’t be guided to slow down (which may or may not look like finances slowing down or boosting up).

What I can promise you is that if you are feeling pulled towards a deeper calling, if you are desiring to feel even more purposeful, expressed and fulfilled, and if you want to experience a deeply textured, rich life more than ever before, you WILL experience that as a result of working together. No doubt.

Wherever you’re at in your business journey, I’m committed to supporting you in feeling rich, fully expressed and deeply fulfilled as you follow the callings and prompts of your heart & soul.

There are 4 spots remaining for the RICH 1:1 Mentorship. If you feel called, I invite you to find out more and schedule a connection call here.

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