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4 Sneaky Excuses Sabotaging You From Living Richly NOW

4 Sneaky Excuses Sabotaging You From Living Richly NOW

Living Richly is synonymous with being successful, being financially prosperous, being satisfied and deeply fulfilled and enjoying the journey of life as much as possible.

Living Richly, in my humble opinion, is where it’s at.  It’s a beautifully simple experience of feeling totally satisfied (while continuously committed to growth).  Where you feel proud and accomplished, creatively expressed, totally connected, nourished and alive.

And yet there’s a million and one reasons why you may not be Living Richly right now, including four sneaky excuses I so commonly see holding business women back.

1. Waiting until when.

When I finish my launch, then I can take some time for myself.
When I make more money, then I can get the help I need.
When I’m more clear, then I can put my big message out into the world.
When I’m more confident, then I’ll be successful.
When I have more time, then I can go to that pottery class I really want to take.
When my business is more established, then I can start going to the gym.

Every single one of these examples is a choice made.  A choice to put off something that’s important to you for another day – another day when you can justify it (to yourself or to others).

Now to be clear – don’t go quoting me when you have a reward system set up for working out, like when you work out 5x a week you can still reward yourself with whatever you want.  I’m talking about the subtle ways you’re excusing your soul’s desires.

What’s one thing you’ve been saying “when I… then I can…” about for a while?  Do you have a feeling that if you were to give whatever that thing is to yourself now, a big shift would happen?  If yes, go for it! Don’t delay.

Start taking note of when and why you’re saying “when I…”

2. Denying/not letting yourself fully have what’s already right here. 

We live in a society of more, more, more, bigger, bigger, bigger.  There can be constant comparison and projected ideals from everyone around you – neighbours, collaborators, coaches, celebrities… it never ends.  It can be easy to take for granted the riches you have all around you in every moment.

Living Richly isn’t about big houses or fancy cars, but it certainly doesn’t exclude them either.

Sometimes if you’ve got a lot (whether it’s love, success or material), guilt or shame can prevent you from fully enjoying it when you know others don’t have quite as much.

This is one of the fastest ways to start living more richly NOW: start being present to what’s around you and let your senses enjoy as much as possible.  

Let yourself really feel gratitude for what you genuinely are grateful for – simple things, big things, small things, all of it.

Take it all in!  The smell of the fresh air around you, the lush greenery in your backyard or the twinkling snow in the moonlight, the shelter you have keeping you safe + cozy and bringing a sense of home, quality time with friends or family, each bite of food you’re able to eat, the butterfly fluttering by you.  Each and every little bit of it.

What do you have that you haven’t really let yourself fully enjoy?
What are you blessed with that you aren’t letting yourself feel grateful for?
What have you been blocking with guilt or shame?

What we appreciate grows.  And, naturally the more you let yourself feel rich, the more you’ll feel rich.  So even if you’re struggling with this, if you really embrace this piece as much as possible, the stress minimizes and the you become more of a match for your desires.

One way to support this is to have people around you modeling it and encouraging you to celebrate all that is present in your life.  That’s one of the things that makes something like the Living Richly Mastermind so powerful, but doing it with a partner or a friend is also great.

3. Fear of what it will cost or require to truly have what you want. (sacrifice & abandonment)

Underneath it all is often a fear or belief that you’re not quite worthy or enough to have it all at THAT level (whatever this new level is).  That there needs to be compromise, sacrifice, guilt or a toning down of desire in order to receive something that you really want.

You can make great money in your business… but you’re going to have to work hard and sacrifice free time and family.

You can have great success… but you’ll have to sacrifice friends and love.

And naturally, there’s the case of NOT going all out for what you really want because you associate it with the above, or with losing important parts of your identity you are attached to, or out of a fear of losing your values or morals or beliefs along the way.

What is your fullest, truest vision of Living Richly for yourself?
What do you fear it’ll cost you to experience it?
What do you fear you’re not capable of experiencing?

What are you willing to do and who are you willing to be to Live Richly?
What are you not willing to do and be in order to Live Richly?

Trust that you CAN experience it your way.

While that may require letting go of old identities that are no longer serving you and people that don’t celebrate you as you grow, it will certainly bring new aspects of yourself and friends that are better than you could have imagined.

4. Stressing over money and time, thinking it’ll make you more “responsible.”

This is something I started observing a long time ago in myself and quickly started seeing it in others too.  Stress is a reaction that isn’t always that easy to control, but it grows and sticks when we are taught in subtle ways that we are SUPPOSED to stress over these things and that that somehow means we are being a responsible member of society.

I’m not saying you need to stop stressing, because let’s be real, our bodies have natural reactions to this stuff.

My invitation to you today is to explore how and where you are associating stressing with being responsible.  This means that if you aren’t stressing, you are somehow being negligent or irresponsible, which encourages you to stay in that zone vs. Living Richly.

Once you recognize where and how that’s showing up, you can start to switch gears to either letting it go if it’s a stressor that’s out of your control OR if it is within your control (which a lot of money and time stuff is), start using that energy to take productive action to change your situation instead of just spinning in stress (it can take time to switch gears so be gentle with yourself).  A great place to start is to focus energy on #2: enjoying and taking in the riches all around you, and feeling grateful for what you do have.

While there are more sneaky ways we naturally sabotage ourselves from Living Richly, addressing these four with my recommendations above will have you well on your way to shifting how often and to what extent you’re letting yourself Live Richly day to day.

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