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Sisterhood and Leadership

Sisterhood and Leadership

As the 2016 Sexified Success Circle (SSC) wrapped up this week, I was reflecting on sisterhood and was brought to memories of this summer where I communed with red woods, made leather medicine pouches, sang and smoked ceremonial tobacco (fun fact – this was the first time I’ve ever smoked tobacco!), danced barefoot and topless, and ate delicious meals in a field with 600 other women at the Spirit Weavers Gathering.  Moments of SSC retreats dancing, swimming with dolphins, in ceremony and talking business.

*I went technology free so I don’t have my personal pictures to share with you (sad face!), but here are some of the gathering taken by the Spirit Weavers photographers from




You may not know that most of my life I hung out with guys.  This was as a result of feeling deeply hurt by the girls and women I had attempted to befriend.  At that time the idea of spending a week with 600 women (and ONLY women), or sitting in an intimate circle of 10 women, would have terrified me.

Now after healing much of this hurt through sisterhood, and leading the Sexified Sisterhood and the Sexified Success Circles for the last 5 years, being around women excites me.

This time in sisterhood is a deep remembering of how women used to (and still do in some places) live.  Making fire, food, and clothing together.  Passing babies around, and celebrating our moon time (period) together in red tents.  Going into ceremony, prayer and song together.  Dancing together.

This time together is always a deep reminder of who I am.  Who we all are.  We are Queens, Goddesses, Priestesses – whatever name you want to call it – we are powerful women making change in the world by changing how we relate with ourselves and with others.

You may be wondering what this has to do with business… and what I will say is it has everything to do with leadership and THAT is important for your business.


To me being a great leader means BEING MYSELF, practicing what I preach, living in integrity and honesty, honouring others and myself, embodying what I want my clients to experience – living by example to the best of my ability everyday.  It means knowing I’m a human and will screw up and I don’t need to hide that, while simultaneously remembering that I am Divine and I am here to share the gifts I have regardless of my human imperfections.

It means seeing myself in others – when I feel hurt, triggered, disappointed, or angered by others, knowing that’s a reminder for me to look inside of myself to see where that’s coming from and to take ownership for my experience. It’s being willing to remember that when someone else feels triggered that it’s not about me.hjp_0353

Sisterhood and business are our incubators for personal growth and leadership.

And, this incubator can feel more blissful than you have ever experienced – with joy oozing out of you, your eyes shining bright. It can also feel challenging and hard – pushing all of your buttons and stretching your edges.

Whether you’re feeling joy, confusion, or like your stretching your edges more than you are comfortable with I want you to know you’re not alone.  I want you to know that as you expand your capacity for more success with soul and simplicity that there is a requirement for you to transform and shed the aspects of self that are no longer serving you.  You CAN do this, you wouldn’t be reading this if you couldn’t.

Even if you are confused on what direction you’re going, what your business focus or niche is, there’s one thing you can always come back to –

Who do you want to BE?

How do you want to relate?

How do you want to lead?

Let these answers guide you. And, you don’t have to do it alone!  Share with us in the Soulful Success Tribe what kind of leader you want to be.

Looking for your own sacred sisterhood, and container for infinite possibilities and growth?  The Sexified Success Circle is now open for applications.  Receive your invitation here.

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