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How To Stop Working So Hard For Money

How To Stop Working So Hard For Money

How many times have you felt like you lost your sense of “why”, the real reason you’re in business? You know, that white-hot-burning desire to jump out of bed in the morning and move forward with your passion?  Leaving you feeling like your business and making money is “hard,” and certainly not joyful?


This is SO common.  The core belief that it’s unsafe or wrong to experience extensive pleasure, causes us to subconsciously “protect” ourselves by creating a scenario that will stop the feeling of pleasure in its tracks.  Not only that but when you really get in tune with your pleasure THAT’S often when big hits of inspiration come and work doesn’t feel like work and….money starts to flow in!


Recently one of my clients was suffering from a loss of her ‘why’. So I decided to give provide what I like to call a “Pleasure Prescription” (It was first prescribed to me many years ago by Kris Ward and it’s stuck ever since).  I could sense it was the perfect thing to shift her out of the frustration and anger she was feeling around her business (we’re talking no fun, no joy, all work and no play.) Just like with doctors orders, she was to follow my directions precisely to ‘heal what ailed her.’


After 2 weeks of maintaining her Pleasure Prescription here’s what she had to say,


“I had no idea I had so many blocks to pleasure.  I could see things happening where I’d be feeling really good – at the brink of bliss and then boom I’d get uncomfortable and then angry, upset or mad – in one situation I even took it out on my boyfriend.

Luckily I had enough awareness to see seconds later what was really going on, that I was self-sabotaging, blocking myself from feeling more pleasure.”


Seems like the ‘doctor’s orders’ were exactly what she needed.  Even though this may seem completely off topic from business or her getting back in tune with her ‘big why’ – stay with me.


It’s been about a month or two now since she reported back with those first notes and since then she’s not only increased her capacity to experience more pleasure and joy in her work but she’s noticing how connected what she’s been experiencing is to what she wants to help others with.  Her big why is naturally becoming more clear and compelling each day as she does her own personal exploration with pleasure and joy.



The blocks to pleasure and joy often stem from your feeling of (or rather lack of) worthiness, and for many reasons, you may have been taught that you don’t deserve real pleasure.  Your ego is there to protect you, and at some point you were taught that pleasure equates to pain.


This may show up for you in your relationships, friendships, bedroom AND in your business.

If you’re one of those people has thought to yourself:

“The only way to make money is to work hard”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

“Rich people are greedy”

“Money is the root of all evil”


Or other similar thoughts, then have I got a pleasure prescription for you!


Your Pleasure Prescription:

Consider yourself a very curious scientist or inspector.

Take everything off your plate for the next 2 weeks that you don’t absolutely have to do.  I’m guessing your response to many of the things on your calendar and to-do are “but I can’t take them off I HAVE to do them all.”  I call BS.  Have kids?  Call in a babysitter (or a friend/family member) for a few hours during the 2 weeks.  Reschedule or cancel appointments that aren’t directly connected to what’s really important to you.  Ask those around you to take a few things off your plate for the next 2 weeks.


This is your chance, your chance to do the things you think to yourself I wish I could or I wish I had more time to… Pick up a good book, go for walks, invite the girls over dance party, drink wine in the shower (not too much!), make love (to yourself most importantly), eat with your eyes closed.  Here’s some other ideas if you’re feeling stumped.


This is your opportunity to get curious – where are you doing things that you think should be pleasurable, but aren’t really?  Where are you doing things because you think you have to, but you really don’t?  Where are you actually really enjoying something but then sabotaging it?


Now, I seriously want you to try this on for 2 weeks, just like you would if you were one of my highly committed clients who get huge results for being ‘all in.’

*Please take note: During the first few days (especially), don’t be surprised if you feel mixed emotions (including anger, or irritability) for no particular reason.  It’s kind of like when you do a cleanse and you start purging toxins – your symptoms may get slightly worse momentarily.  With pleasure, your ego may kick things up a notch and attempt to self sabotage.  Your awareness of what’s happening and willingness to acknowledge what’s coming up should be all that’s necessary to move through to the next level of pleasure.

Here’s a few of the benefits both myself and countless clients have experienced due to fully engaging in this Pleasure Prescription:

  • Big, surprising hits of inspiration and clarity
  • Potential clients and colleagues approaching you to work with you (nothing is more irresistible than a joyful lady in her pleasure)
  • Increase in money coming in
  • Better orgasms and sex
  • General increase in happiness
  • Increased creativity

During your 2 week Pleasure Prescription I invite you to comment in the FB Group to let myself, and other business lifestylers know how the process is coming along. (Your sharing can inspire and motivate those around you.)


Now go feel good, and watch as the world changes around you 🙂  Feel free to invite your friends to join you in this, it’s a lot easier and more fun when those around you are doing the same thing.

xox Allison

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