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How to Feel Rich Today

How to Feel Rich Today

“I have dreams (nightmares really) where I lose everything. My home, my business, my favorite things – all are being taken away from me.”

“I have enough money right now for everything I need, but I’m constantly worried that I won’t in the future.”

“I’m scared to have my sweet new Porsche in my driveway because I think kids are going to come key it.”

“I’ve wanted _______ for years but haven’t let myself get one just in case that little bit of money is needed for something else.”

“I just got a gorgeous upgraded wedding ring for my anniversary, and I don’t even feel comfortable celebrating it with my friends because I’m scared they will feel uncomfortable.”

All of these people have enough money, many would even consider themselves financially well off or rich. They have the things they desired (or the means to have them), and yet they can’t seem to enjoy it. It’s there but they aren’t fully receiving it.

I believe (well, actually I know) you can feel rich no matter how much money you have, and I believe it’s IMPORTANT to let yourself feel rich.

Here’s why.

If you don’t let yourself feel rich at $50,000, you won’t at $300,000, and you won’t at $3,000,000 either. Money itself has very little to do with it.

“It’s totally okay to have lots of nice things. If it is addiction to wealth, like in Fight Club, “The things you own end up owning you,” and it becomes a surrogate for things like long-term health and happiness — connection — then it becomes a disease state. But if you can have nice things, and not fear having them taken away, then it’s a good thing. Because money is a really valuable tool.” –Tim Ferris

Money is a tool. The more you make, the more good you can do.

It’s the stories we have about money, enjoyment, work and worthiness that dictate how much we allow ourselves to truly feel rich.

And, when I say rich, this is what I mean:

Textured, experiential living. Deep belly laughs. Meaningful moments because you’re being fully present. Feeling gratitude. Spending your time how you really want. Your heart swelling with warmth and love. Giving back in the world in ways that feel significant to you. Afternoon sex (the really good kind). Celebration – for the big things and the small.

It’s important you feel rich for a few reasons:

  1. The happier and more fulfilled you are, the more money you’ll make and the more generous you can be with it. People that feel rich are more likely to attract more of that into their life and because they already feel rich, they are more likely to share more to important causes and people in need = better world. Plus, the happier you are, the more you’ll have the inner resources to do your best work.
  2. Because feeling this way is awesome and you deserve it. (P.S. – Everyone deserves to feel this way and the more you model it, the more others will see it’s possible for them too.)
  3. The more money in the hands of good people like you, the better! You’re more likely to spend and invest your money in businesses that do good (you can see my friend Adrienne about that).
  4. It’s not really about the money – the inner exploration and work required to get to the place of feeling rich will make you an even better person (or rather, allow you to come home to more of who you really are).  



~ Know you are worthy of your desires.  

  • Explore any thoughts, beliefs or stories you may have around why you may not feel worthy/enough/deserving.

~ Allow yourself to be present in the moment as much as possible + sink into gratitude for everything.

  • Observe if you are filling every possible moment of spaciousness with business tasks or to-dos.
  • Worrying about the past or future? Come back to your senses, notice everything around you and find what you can feel grateful for in this moment.

~ Release guilt and shame.

  • You not allowing yourself to feel grateful for what you have isn’t going to help anyone else (or you!).
  • It’s okay for you to know what you require to operate at your very best and to let yourself have those things so you can keep doing your best work.
  • If you’ve done something out of integrity – do something about it and then move forward.

~ Get clear on what RICH looks and feels like to you.

  • Sometimes it can be helpful to look at what DOES NOT feel rich to you or what living richly isn’t, so that you can use that contrast to gain clarity on what it DOES look like.
  • Take action steps towards that every day.

~ Make a conscious choice every day to let yourself feel RICH based on what it looks and feels like to you.

This could look completely different each day, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” as far as what these actions can look like.  

  • The other day, feeling and being rich looked like slowly drinking espresso over the span of two hours as I listened to great music and wrote in my favorite journal (and I acknowledged that it was a Wednesday morning when many others are working a 9-5 and aren’t able to do this).
  • On another day, it’s looked like working for 4 hours straight in an absolute flow state, getting so much done.

You get to decide what it looks like for you each day, and then you get to create that reality.
*this, by the way, is the ONLY “get rich quick” plan that ALWAYS works *wink*

All of these things are simple, but some are easier said than done, especially with a lifetime of habits and programming. That’s why I create and hold sacred containers to guide successful business owners through this, so you can:

~ Start spending your time and energy where you really want (and FEEL way more energized!)

~ Feel the weight lift of your shoulders and ENJOY your life (business, relationships, free time…) more

~ Stop worrying about everything falling apart and start enjoying what’s right in front of you

~ Finally feel like you can CELEBRATE all you’ve worked for and know deep in your heart that you deserve it, that you are enough and that you are worthy (and by feeling those things you are HELPING THE WORLD and your community)

~ Surround yourself with people who support you in the way that you most need: celebrating your successes and holding you in your vulnerability

Know in your body that it’s time to receive support with this from someone who is a master coach, an experienced business owner and strategist?

And someone who is and will continue to be THRILLED and CELEBRATORY about all your successes and will ensure you are too, no matter WHAT that looks like in your life?

Click here to connect, and we can explore what your next steps are. <3 <3

I regularly hold space for people to share things they have never shared before – just like you do, I bet. I am truly honoured to hold space for people like you and will feel equally honoured to support you.

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