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More success by doing less. It’s possible.

More success by doing less.  It’s possible.

I remember backpacking after high school. Hunkered down in a small ski town called Wanaka in NZ, eating of chocolate covered almonds (a staple in my diet at the time), l journaled & thought about what l wanted.

l knew I wanted to help others and live my purpose but l also knew that I didn’t want to work hard. I wanted to get the best results while living a spacious lifestyle with lots of free time.

And, I remember getting some grief from those around me in those early years of business & I still notice it sometimes. l can feel judgment around not hustling or working long hours every day.

The truth is, l judged myself sometimes too.

“Maybe I should be making more content for my clients.”

“Maybe I’m not doing enough.”

“You’re just being lazy.”

But, deep down l knew there was a reason for this desire to live a spacious life (beyond the fact that I’m an introvert and just don’t have the energy to be working with tons of clients).

Now l know the reason.  I’ve had this desire to do less (and get the best results) with pleasure since high school (and probably my whole life) because I’m meant to support women that so deeply desire the same thing but are constantly being taught & told to do more, to hustle harder.

I would not be able to inspire and model what is possible for you if l had not followed the prompts of my desires and ignored the thoughts, fears & pressures to do more.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t just sit around doing nothing, and I can get a lot done (it usually happens in spurts throughout the year).  There’s nothing wrong with genuinely loving & enjoying getting tons of stuff done + working long hours. If and when you truly feel compelled to do that.

We each have our own unique makeup of desires, energy & way of working. I believe that when we can slow down enough to hear, see and feel the guidance we are being given that our actions can be specially guided and chosen so we don’t have to spend our time running around throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.  You can take the right actions instead of ALL the actions. 

When we let the feminine guide the masculine action & then sit back into the receptive feminine there can be so much less energy output for exponential gain.


l also believe when you follow your desires (especially when they don’t seem logical and people very well may judge you for them) that you will be rewarded AND that there’s an very important reason why you have that desire.

What desires are coming up most for you right now (esp. that seem a little illogical)?

Share with us in the Soulful Success Tribe.

* If your one of these women who is aching to receive more without working harder (into burnout), I invite you to join us for the Sexified Success Series to find out how:: Expand your business success while satisfying your desires. (Really.) 

Please know: 

It is possible!


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