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Defining (and Redefining) Success

Defining (and Redefining) Success

I mention success a lot in my marketing: I help people experience success, expand in their success, have soulful success, I work with successful women.

but, what is success… really?

And how often do you explore your definition of success?


Let’s be real, every day we’re exposed to other people’s lives, viewpoints, thoughts, experiences and… marketing. Every website we go to and social media page we’re on, we see people from around the world sharing their lives.

So we are constantly inundated with other people’s definition of success: making $10k a month, reaching 1 million people, making $1 million, launching a sold-out program, having a blissed out marriage. Whatever it is, we are constantly seeing this around us and it becomes easy for these other people’s definition of success to subconsciously sneak into your mind very quickly.

Before you know it, you’re operating based on someone else’s definition of success and striving for someone else’s dream life, which leads to a feeling of emptiness, unfulfillment, dissatisfaction… all because you’re not living YOUR definition of success.

For each client I work with, success may be completely different. For one, success means creatively expressing themselves more – publicly sharing their creations with the world. It might mean enjoying pleasure more in their life. Or showing up and going all in. Each person is going to be led on a different path and require different support, processes, focuses.

We can put quantifiable targets and smart goals on things around launching and money and impacting certain amounts of people. But those things come and go. You have a launch and then you run another one. You make money… and then you spend money…

These aren’t the things that are going to fulfill you or impact you deep at the core, and they aren’t necessarily lasting.

What is your true definition of success, if we strip away all these things that have seeped into your consciousness around what success is, on a superficial level?

What’s going to be required in order for you to live that definition of success?


Having “success” defined in a way we are consciously aware of means we can actively be experiencing it more and remain in alignment.

It also means you’re less likely to be waiting for some superficial “when” to let yourself tadacelebrate.

Today I let myself redefine success again, and this is what I landed on:

raised_hands following my heart, soul and internal guidance

raised_hands expressing myself, even when it’s scary or inconvenient

raised_hands letting myself receive: love, support, nourishment, laughter, pleasure, encouragement, acknowledgement, hugs, and even feedback

raised_hands going all in and all out – boldly taking actions I’m guided to take.

raised_hands having space to connect daily

raised_hands a sense of fulfillment & purpose

raised_hands bringing enjoyment into everything as much as possible

raised_hands feeling love & gratitude

THIS is why I’m successful (and have been most of my life). I know what success is for me. *And, when I’ve forgotten or lost sight of what it truly is for me, I know by the fact that I’m feeling off, stressed, dissatisfied or anxious.*

When I know what success is for me, I can ask myself these questions:

  • Did I show up as all I could be today?
  • Did I do everything I could in alignment with my definition of success?
  • Did I enjoy the journey?


How would you know if you were being successful?

What does it look like, what does it feel like?  

How does it start to become an integrated experience you have every day rather than a superficial, external thing that you only experience for a blip of time when you finish that launch?

Take some time today or this week to explore and redefine success for yourself. Then, think about how you can connect to your own personal definition of success today.

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