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Breaking The Rules: Community Blog Tour

Breaking The Rules: Community Blog Tour

When starting and building your business, it can feel like there are a lot of rules, strategies and templates to follow.  “If you want to be successful you have to do x, y & z…just like me!”

For anyone that is a creative, introverted, or just has a huge resistance and instant instinct to rebel when someone else tells you what to do  (I know I do…) it can be hard to find a balance of using tried and true techniques and forging your own unique path.

So today I’m going to share some of the scariest, rule breakingist things I’ve done over the last few years in my business and why they’ve contributed to what I like to think of as my success.  All of this is for a special edition of the <3 Your Community Blog Tour.

30 Entrepreneurs rounded up and brought together by my dear friend, Racheal Cook – The Yogipreneur, sharing how they love up and build their communities.  I’m bringing up the rear of this tour but you can learn about other’s journey in building their community, what worked and what hasn’t here.   Yesterday’s post was a great one from Laura Fisher was on Daily deal sites and how they can affect your business

#1.  I get personal.  

It’s often said in the business world that you need to give your community really valuable, practical tools they can apply, and to focus on them – not you.  While I totally agree with this, I personally value hearing someone’s REAL personal experience even more than a template that they’ve used that works for them.

This is why the #1 rule I break in business is getting personal.  I’ve shared on my blog about everything from self-pleasuring, using sexual energy as a manifestation tool, troubles in my intimate relationship, to losing passion in my business and completely changing directions.  And, guess what?!  Those have been my most popular blogs – the ones I’ve received hundreds of emails about, and have been shared through social media to thousands.  Not only that but it means I am attracting those who really resonate with who I am, not just what I do, so as my community grows it’s with people who are really my tribe.

Rule Breaking, Community Loving Tip:

If there’s something you are thinking about writing and sharing but are scared shitless to put public (because what will people think!? What if my mom reads it, or what if people unsubscribe!), chances are it’s what people really need to hear from you.  It’s what will set you a part, and what will help YOUR TRIBE, YOUR COMMUNITY feel connected to you.

#2.  I happily refer potential clients to other coaches.  

You “should” look at others in your field as competition and you certainly shouldn’t send clients to your competition!  Instead of following this fairly common sense rule I often send potential clients to other coaches and consultants – ones that would typically be seen as my competition.   Why?  Despite the fact I know I can help them, I know that Coach So-and-So will mesh better with them personality wise, background wise or enjoys focusing on their specific needs more than I do.  This can be hard, especially early on, when it’s not like couldn’t use another client and some extra cash…and I know I could help them.  BUT, I always feel relief and warm n’ fuzzy knowing that person is getting just what they need and that Coach So-and-So gets to work with one of their ideal clients.

Doing this actually ensures that you focus on what you do best and enjoy most (= business JOY), with those you love most and can best support, so you don’t end up drained, resentful, lacking confidence (because you know you aren’t the greatest at all these things your client keeps asking for and therefore don’t end up with the acknowledgement and feedback that boosts that confidence) and booked up with clients that are just okay fits vs. PERFECT fits.  Like total Soul Mate Clients.

*If I’ve spoken with someone I know is going to be a less than ideal client for anyone to work with (ie. not pay, not do the work, complain, demand, etc.) I do not refer them to someone else, because that’s not nice either.

Rule Breaking, Community Loving Tip:

Take the time to talk with potential “competition” and actually get to know them.  Why do they do what they do, what’s their story, who do they love working with, and where do you differentiate (both in skill, past and personality).  It’s totally possible to cross refer, and even have some perks for each other when you do.   A total win-win.  Plus, you may just end up with a good friend who totally gets you.

#3. I follow what I really want for myself and my business and I support my clients and community in doing the same.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of wanting things you don’t really want, or feeling like you should do things because it’s the “smart” thing to do.  For example making videos, being on Facebook, not working with clients 1×1 and only having “leveraged” offerings, striving for a 6 or 7 figure business when you are actually would be ecstatic to make $70,000 and stay working 20 hours a month.

I’m committed to trying new things, but to not feeling obligated to do things that don’t feel good AND to following my intuition and flow.  One of my new clients, just shared with me that everyone she’s worked with has told her not to work 1×1 with clients, when she actually really loves working intimately on longer term goals with her clients.  I can relate.  I love working with my clients longer term and building a relationship with them.  Some of my friends could not handle that, they just want to do single days with clients and that’s what makes them happy.

What works for those around me may not be best for me.  I’ve got to do what’s right for me, even if it may not be the biggest money maker or time saver.  I follow what lights me up.

Rule Breaking, Community Loving Tip:

Explore where you might be following the status quo ( or even your best friend), let it go so you can know what lights you up and lead your community in a movement to do the same.

Running a business is hard enough as it is, let alone when you are following someone else’s rules.

If you’re (or want to be) a coach, consultant, healer, or therapist that wants a business that supports you in living your dream lifestyle (complete with travel, siestas, long weekends with girlfriends, and mornings with plenty of time for your morning ritual) and bigger purpose…while being a mentor for those that need you most, come join our sisterhood here, as part of the Soulful Success Tribe.


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