Why You Shouldn’t Try To Help Everyone In Your Healing or Coaching Business

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Help Everyone In Your Healing or Coaching Business

The people drawn to me seem to have the biggest hearts.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a community of helpers, healers and lovers.  You want to change things for the better in the world and help everyone!

When it comes to business, having this BIG heart and wanting to help everyone can have some serious pitfalls.  These are really important for you to be aware of to ensure you’re able to do you best work in the world.

This is why one of the first things I go through in Clarity To Clients is helping you hone in on who you can help best and what you can help them with the most.

Here’s why this is important and why you shouldn’t try to help everyone:

1.  You may be a miracle worker but unless you can add more (millions of) hours to the day you physically do not have time in the day to help everyone.  You’ll want to look at how many clients you actually have time for and how many clients you actually want to work with per day/week/month/year (money aside).

2.  Although you may love everyone, you may not like everyone (that’s something my grandma would say).  There’s certain people you just won’t vibe with… it’s best not to focus energy marketing to them or trying to convince them they should let you help them (unless you want a schedule full of grumpy pants people).

3.  Some people aren’t ready for what you offer and others simply don’t need it.  Even more just won’t be a perfect match, and both you and them deserve a perfect match.

4.  There are people that DO need you specifically (because of who you are – the experiences you’ve had, your personality, your gifts) and if you’re booked up with people who aren’t the perfect fit you won’t have time for those who are.

5.  If you’re marketing to everyone , especially those who aren’t your Soul Mate Clients, your actual SMC’s may not trust you to help them or even recognize that you’re speaking to them.  It’s like being on a dating site and saying you’re a cat person looking for marriage when really you’re a dog person wanting an open relationship – you’ll attract the wrong people.

6.  If you’re putting out watered down, general messages catered to everyone (or even just a few different types of people) they often won’t hit home for anyone.  No bueno.

7.  If you’re being financially supported and compensated by working with just a select few SMC’s you’ll have more free energy to create content that can help and reach more of your actual SMC’s + to do volunteering, pro bono & charity work as you’re inspired.

Feeling more inspired to focus in on your Soul Mate Clients now?  Find out more about how to focus in and attract them at www.ClarityToClients.com (there’s a free workshop available over there right now, go grab it).

Now someone who is burning themselves out or sabotaging their business by trying to do it all?  Do them a favor and send them this.

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