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Why You Need A Mastermind

Why You Need A Mastermind

Four years ago my life changed.

Up until that point I had looonged for a group of really close girlfriends.  Women who would see me, understand me and love me for who I was and would let me do the same for them.

But, how and where did this exist??!  I saw it on shows like Sex & The City but had yet to have a taste of it in real life.

And, then I found my piece of it.  A mastermind for purpose-driven women.  This was it!  I had heard about these masterminds through reading Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles book and wondered how to find and get in one, and here it was!

It was my first big investment (other than my house), and it stretched me while simultaneously feeling SO expansive.  I felt that with this support I could do anything.  While in it I had my first big taste of sisterhood, coaching, and clarity on how my purpose was to be expressed in my business.

I felt (and still feel) so passionate about providing a safe container for deep healing, transformation, fun, possibility and expression that I created my own mastermind.  Each year for the last four years I have offered it in different iterations, all the while feeling into my BIG dream of what I was growing it into.

This year my dream fully came to life.  The Sexified Success Circle.  I had dreamed of the women and the experience we’ve had together this year for the last 4 years…and this year it was reality.

Each year as I offered my own mastermind I participated in one as well.  Experiencing different sizes, leadership and facilitation styles, and more.  This has helped me to receive support as I’ve grown as a leader and also helped me to create the my own perfect mastermind that I wished existed for myself.  Even though I’m facilitating it vs. participating in it, I feel happy knowing that others like me can experience the intimacy, support and growth that this container provides.

This year it came fully to life just the way I’d been dreaming of the last 4 years.

SSC was created out of my passion to give women a safe, fun, deep space to be ALL of who they are.  To explore and express their playfulness, magic, sexiness, sensuality, anger, power, spirituality, and unique gifts (that they may not even recognize yet) and quirks.  A safe space to express their hurt and joy, their big fears and big dreams.  All. Of. It.


True success (Definition: fulfillment, impact, purpose, and experiencing of heart’s desires) is directly related to our willingness to grow and to be all of who we are.

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In my experience, in order to be all of who we are, we really need a close circle of others who get, see, understand and love all of us.

A circle of like-minded but unique individuals who are willing to be our mirrors and give us reflections that allow us to go deeper and live more fully.  A circle of individuals who will open themselves up to being loved and loving, to share and receive resources and to face their fears and go for their dreams right alongside of you – without competition or comparison.  Even leaders need to be held and supported.


Of course, there are many different masterminds out there.  It’s important to find the one that is right for you (I know what it’s like to be in one that isn’t…and it’s not very fun!).

Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding if being in a mastermind is for you, and if so – what kind.  

  1. What kind of support do you thrive off of and for how long?  Do you need 1×1 support?  Large community?  Small, intimate sisterhood?  A combo?  Do you need more training, or more support, accountability and feedback?  Combo of both?
  2. What kind of leader do you want to be?  What kind of mentor do you want?  *it’s important to consider what styles, personalities, and specialties you are receptive to (and not receptive too, especially based on where you are currently at in life & in your biz).
  3. Do you need something that is hyper business focused?  Hyper life focused?  Or something that is designed to take you deep wherever you need to go to support you in getting what you want?
  4. Do you want to meet in person?  Or do you want to do everything from the comfort of your home, no travel necessary?
  5. What else is important to you?  If you weren’t going to compromise, what would your mastermind look like?
  6. What are you willing to invest?  Do you want to invest?  What’s a “normal” amount to invest?  *I personally don’t believe there is a “right” “normal” or even “smart” amount to invest in general.

I’m a big believer in investing in things that FEEL so right (it’s like we are being pulled or called towards it, rather than investing out of desperation), often in amounts that feel like a stretch but expansive (a little scary and a lot exciting).  I invested over half my yearly income on my first mastermind (and I attribute that mastermind to being a huge part of getting me to where I am today).  Since then I’ve always made sure that I have a sisterhood and business mastermind in my life.

In my experience when you get clear, and aren’t willing to compromise, your support system shows up.

Special updated note from Allison:  The doors for the 2017 Sexified Success Circe will soon be open.  If you’re looking to be held in a loving, intimate sisterhood for 10 months that will support you in going deep wherever you need to in order to soar in your business, and feel alive and connected in your life, you can email me personally at  There will be 1×1 coaching and mentorship, mastermind sessions, retreats, accountability pods, expert training calls and more.

Plus, join us for the free Sexifed Success Series:: Expand your business success while satisfying your desires (really!) – it’s happening soon!

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