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3 Reasons Why People Will Go Out Of Their Way To Do Business With You

There’s this cute little coffee shop in the middle of a co-working space called Collective Coffee that I’ve been working at almost every day since being in Saskatoon.  Come say “hi” if you’re in town!

It just so happens to be a drive away (farther than several other cafes I could go to), and with it being downtown I’ve landed myself 2 parking tickets already. Yet, I still choose to go there.

Why would I go there vs. the hundred other places I could go to?

The 3 reasons why I go there are the 3 same reasons I choose to do business with other businesses AND they are probably the same reasons why others may or may not be doing business with YOU.

Reason #1:: The Experience & Feeling

The staff are singing, dancing, smiling, and engaging with customers (on a first name basis might I add – which I LOVE!).  There are blankets in a few spots in case you get chilly on one of the -20 days. You just FEEL at home here. Comfy. Familiar. Fun.  A good collection of music is playing and familiar faces are walking in and out throughout the day.

It’s also locally owned and operated and very evident the staff is passionate and knowledgeable in the ways of coffee.

Photo Credit: Matt Ramage
Photo Credit: Matt Ramage

When people are engaging with you and your world/business what do you want them to feel and experience?

Reason #2:: Surprise & Delight

They could have a buy 9 get 1 free card and have you expecting a free coffee. Instead they surprise you. They actually get to know you, by name, and remember (well at least in my case since I always get the same thing) your order. Then bang! You come in one day (like I did today) and they say “Hey! Today it’s on me!” Boom, surprise and delight!

I’ve also experienced them showing me around the co-working space, giving excellent restaurant recommendations, and other wonderful things. I observe this happening with the majority of the customers.

It just feels so good to be acknowledged, remembered and surprised these days.  Your customer will have basic and maybe even high expectations.  If you can still surprise them, you will be remembered and probably talked about in a conversation with their friends.

What are 1-3 ways you do or can surprise and delight your community and clients?

Reason #3:: Added Value

I know when I go to Collective Coffee that it will be filled with a certain type of person. Someone with similar interests, values, schedule, business, style… It’s an instant community where I can meet new people with a good chance of getting along with them.

In the case of Collective Coffee the added value I experience is community.  Some other possibilities of added value a business could provide are:

  • Quality
  • Speed and/or Delivery
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Convenience
  • Savings
  • Expert Advice
  • Recognition & Reward

What added values do you provide to those who work with you or who are in your community?

What’s one thing you currently do or are going to do to surprise and delight your community? Share it with our sisterhood here.


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