Why My Launch Failed And How To Prevent Yours From Doing The Same


A few years ago I was so excited to launch this program that I had been working so hard on and was SO passionate about (6 Weeks To A Turned ON You).

I did all the things I thought I was supposed to do during a launch. I made videos, stayed up late, created valuable free content, stressed, floundered over lighting for videos, and stressed some more.

All so I could help women feel more turned on in their life.

And yet, here I was feeling the same way I noticed everyone else felt during their launches –stressed, overworked and zapped of energy.

Guess what happened?

That launch failed (by my standards).

Aside from marketing aspects I could have done much better, there was an even more important piece that I missed.

My business libido. Mojo. Magic. Energy.

Our energy and how we show up is HUGE.  Even if you’re doing all the “right” things, if your energy is off it’s unlikely that you’ll get the fullest extent of possibility available to you.  Match energy and aligned action and there’s more possible than you ever dreamed of!

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Here I was trying promoting feeling turned on while I was feeling tapped out and turned off throughout the process.

So, I took that in consideration for what I’m launching right now.  I thought to myself “Who do I need to be in order to attract those who are the perfect fit for this?”  This process has stretched and grown me faster than I could have imagined…and it’s felt SO good.  I’ve been more intuitive, trusting of Source & the guidance coming through, playful, confident and powerful.

Here’s what my launch for the Sexified Success Circle looks like right now…

*Day 1 of announcement: Press snooze once, roll over and cuddle with Garret. Sexy time. Breakfast with green juice. Meditate/ceremony. Meeting with project manager. Mastermind session. Lunch with Garret. Prep for call. Check emails & Facebook. Yoga. Call.

*Day 2: Wake up & cuddle. Breakfast. Awesome client. Consultation (yesss!), Consultation (not a perfect fit). Lunch. Consultation (yesss!). Coaching session with my mastermind & coach. Dance party. Read through more applications. Go get energy session and supper. Make a mala!

*Day 3: Wake and and do energy work.  Breakfast and espresso at my fave coffee shop while writing.  Consultation (yesss!).  Check email. Shopping for lingerie and bathing suit for Bali trip.  Consultation (yesss!).  Mastermind.  Consultation (yesss!).  Dinner out. Grounding exercise.  Sleepy time.

In preparation for my launch, I didn’t stress about doing videos (just the thought gives me a headache), FB ads, or setting up joint venture partners. *Admittedly I was nervous and feeling a bit stressed one day early on in preparation due to feeling under prepared and like I wasn’t doing enough.  This whole process was so different from anything I’d been taught or done in the past.

Instead of the usual stuff, this round I’ve been focusing more on how I show up, how I live, how I feel, and the energy I’m putting out.

I’m practicing what I preach (and then some!), and the results have been better than I ever could have imagined…and the good juju keeps on rolling in!

So, the next time you’re launching or trying to attract clients, pay attention to who you are BEING.  Are you being a match for what you want to attract?

Want your launches and business to go more like this launch success instead of my floppy fail?

Come join us over in the Soulful Success Tribe here.

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