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Why Charging What You’re Worth Is BS and What To Do Instead

I’ve always loved playing with money – managing it, organizing it…

The most memorable gift I’ve ever received was this little blue, vault style bank with a combination locked door and everything.  I used that bank for many, many years.  I believe my wonderful experience with that bank, amongst other things, taught me the value of using money as a playful exchange tool.

I saw, and still see, many around me trying to truly live their purpose and yet I see them struggling financially.  Charging small amounts (if anything).  I see them bouncing back and forth between thinking “this is a gift I’ve been given so, I must give it away” and then being hit with the awareness of needing money and then trying to convince themselves that they deserve to make more – that they are worth it.

I’ve (almost) always felt pretty confident around my self-worth and the concept of money being energy or an exchange tool.  I did, however, find that being a spiritual person and being surrounded by so many that believed that it was wrong, not okay or ungodly to charge for the gifts that we’d been given, made me feel bad for feeling so good about it.  Weird, I know.

So, whether you genuinely have a hard time charging for sharing your gifts/purpose through your business offering or you just need a little permission I have something that may just blow your mind.

Charging what you’re worth doesn’t work.  Actually charging “what you’re worth” is BS.  You are priceless, so really it’s impossible to “charge what you’re worth.”   It can also make things especially challenging in growing your business and helping others if you do struggle with charging for your work.

What DOES work is charging based on the value of the results to your Soul Mate Client AND based on what you need to charge based on your lifestyle design.  Because your clients are worth it! 

Your clients are worth getting the results they really want.

You might be thinking:

“but if I charge/charge more then no one will pay that”

“people will think I’m all about the money”

“I’ll lose clients”

“If I charge more I won’t be able to help those who really need it”

Well guess what – Some people WILL pay that and won’t think you’re all about the money, you might lose some clients and you’ll be able to help everyone you are truly meant to.  And, you’ll probably make more money doing what you love (living your purpose) while working less.

Making more means you have the freedom to put your money in places and give to causes that are important to you.

Working less means you’ll have more time to devote to other causes, passions and be fully present with your loved ones.

Want to do pro-bono work with someone who really needs it?  You’ll be able to …without feeling tapped out.

Most women try to please everyone and they want to help everyone.  I know you’ve got a lot of gifts contained within that mighty purpose of yours and that you have the tools to help a lot of people.

The truth is you simply can’t help everyone.  Not everyone is ready, not everyone is willing to do the work, and not everyone is at the place where they can be more committed than you are to their vision.  (and there’s nothing worse than working with someone who is less committed than you are!)

And, if they say they “can’t afford it” – it’s often (not always, but let’s talk about when it is..) an excuse, or rather a socially appropriate protective mechanism.  It’s your job to discover what the real reason is and if that real reason is any of the above – let them go.  And trust me – you don’t want to try to work with those people.  It’s a disservice to both of you.

In my own experience it’s the investments that have been a stretch that have stretched me.  Putting an amount of money on the table that was a stretch for me made me feel expansive, excited, scared, committed and like I had to step up.  I did the work, and I changed because of it.

Here’s what I’ve found to be true in most cases:

1.  Most people are just waiting for someone to really see them, believe in them and hold them to their dreams.
Money does that.  When someone invests a high amount they are committed.  They will do the work and they will get results.  In most cases (there are absolutely exceptions) when they don’t invest much (and especially if they’ve been given a huge discount) they aren’t as committed.

2.  When it comes to low rates, discounts, and barters – those are often the clients that take the most energy and are the least grateful.  (Once again, there are some exceptions and you will be able to tell when someone is truly going to be committed, honoring and grateful).  In regards to your clients – they often to get as great of results when invested an amount that doesn’t stretch them because they aren’t as committed.

3.  If you are charging too little and working with too many (not quite perfect for you) clients you will feel burnt out and unsatisfied.

Living your purpose is really about being of service – to those you are meant to be in service to (read: not everyone!), and to yourself – honoring your desires and what brings you pleasure.  Because, frankly, if you are burnt out you aren’t going to be able to be in service.

[Tweet “It’s pretty damn hard to share what you’ve got when you’ve got nothing left to give. “]

So, here’s my challenge for you should you choose to accept.

Observe yourself at the point of inviting others to work with you:

–       Are you asking for or avoiding asking for money due to fear/desperation/wanting to be liked or approved of/lack of confidence?


–       Are you doing it from an empowered place of standing in the worth of your potential (IDEAL) client and holding them in that space by stating their investment in themselves powerfully and excitedly?

Bringing awareness to this is really your first step in having a dream business that’s both sustainable, joyful AND has an impact.

Personal Growth Side Note: Holding your clients at a “10” (aka as fully capable of doing what’s necessary to get where they want to be) also means holding yourself at a fully committed, worthy “10”.

** A common problem many have in sharing their purpose in the form of their business offerings is expressing the value of what they’re offering in a clear way that’s easy for others to be willing to invest in.  If this is missing, holding your potential client to their worth isn’t going to do the trick.  If you think this may be part of the problem check this out.

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