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What To Do When Everyone Else Seems To Be Doing The Same Thing

It can hold you back.  Make you doubt yourself.  Even stop you in your tracks.

What is it?

The thought that what you want to do or create has already been done… maybe even by people that are more well known than you.

If you have had this thought then you probably already know that it got a nasty ability to stop you in your tracks from confidently doing what you were feeling the most called and excited to do/create.  Perhaps, leaving you thinking “What’s the point?!”

I’m sure you’ve heard that no one can do it like you – no one else has your unique blend of personality, experiences and energy. *That IS true.*  A little red dress may be a little red dress, but each woman is going to rock it in her own way.


You may have also heard “remember, there’s someone out there that needs YOU, not MS. Famous Person.”  *This is also true.*

But, what are some things you can do to get some momentum in your business (and confidence levels) when it seems like everywhere you turn there’s someone else rocking out your idea?

I recently was feeling a little jaded about business and online marketing and here’s what I dove into.  It helped A LOT and I hope it will get you moving forward with spreading and sharing your gifts.

Here’s what to do when everything else seems to be doing the same thing as you…

heartThink about a few of the people that stand out to you as people doing work similar to what you’re doing (or wanting to do).  What about how they do things DON’T you like or agree with?

Those are the things you want to emphasize in your own work (or rather emphasize the opposite) to differentiate yourself + to let your soon-to-be community know that they have another option that’s more in alignment for them.

What do you love about how they do things?

These are the things you can share too – remember that the more of what you love & believe in that’s out in the world, the better.  Give credit where it’s due and spread the love.

[Tweet “The more of what you love & believe in that’s out in the world the better.”]


Know that you may be the first point of contact for many people.  

You can’t assume your Soul Mate Clients are seeing all the other people doing similar things (remember you’re in the field so you’re more likely to notice EVERYTHING else other people are doing that’s similar to you).  By not putting yourself out there, your Soul Mate Clients may never find the help they truly need.  

heartMake a list, or better yet, start a folder of everyone that you know who has been impacted by what you do (even if it’s in an informal context).

Keep in mind that others may not have said you helped them out loud to you or in writing but that doesn’t mean they aren’t or didn’t think it.  So, in this list you can include notes of people you feel like you’ve had an impact on in addition to those you’ve received notes or words from.

If you feel like you need more social proof you can do 2 things:

  • IF you have a fair amount of experience in what you are questioning – send a note/email/have a chat with those who are close to you/have worked with you and ASK how you’ve impacted them.
  • Don’t have a lot of experience?  Get out and offer your gifts then ask some specific questions to gain that feedback.

When you question what you’re doing, go back to that folder and allow yourself to be reminded of your gifts and the impact you’re having.

heartDo a content cleanse.  Take a break from looking at other people’s content, especially when you’re in creation mode.


heartKeep focusing on what lights you up.  Do your best to not worry so much about what anyone else is doing.

As long as you are focusing on what you love, what YOU are passionate about, what your soul longs for, it shouldn’t matter so much what other people are doing.  Still getting distracted?  Pay extra attention to the content cleanse practice (it may require getting off social media and other places where you seem to be triggered).

What do you do when everyone else seems to be doing the same thing?  What helps?  What makes it worse?

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