What Magic Mike’s XXL Package Has To Do With Your Business

What Magic Mike’s XXL Package Has To Do With Your Business

The other night my husband was out of town and I had my evening completely free.  Normally I might have been pondering “what to do” for a little longer than I did that night.  Because Magic Mike XXL just so happened to have dropped into theatres.

I love going to movies on my own, so I whisked myself off for a hot date.

Little did a know, that in addition to these “creative juice” inspiring dance moves, would be so many beautiful lessons.  One in particular that applies to you and your business.


It’s one of the most important lessons in business, especially when it comes to really enjoying what you’re up to.  And, that’s why you’re here right?  To enJOY what you’re doing, while making a difference.

Layered on top of the abs, dance moves and helping ladies feel more beautiful these 5 male entertainers decided to take their business into their own hands (no, not THAT business!).  In the past they had a boss man and society telling them to be the stereotype.  Be a firefighter, a cowboy, a ken doll.  And, they did goood.  But, in Magic Mike XXL they did GREAT!  They each rocked out their own unique package in a way that only they could…

Big Dick Richie’s dance blew my mind!


What made the difference?

They each embraced their personality, their passions, their natural strengths vs. trying to fit the mold.  It was scary, new and bold – it could have flopped big time.  It was only by being vulnerable and putting themselves on the line that they were able to take their “business” to the next level.

What does this mean for you?

It’s easy to play it safe.  To do what everyone else seems to be doing that works.  That’s the #1 way to do o.k. in business.

[Tweet “The fastest way to just being “okay” in business is to be like everyone else. “]


Want to be GREAT (aka memorable & impactful)?  Want to feel like you’re actually being yourself and playing to your own unique strengths – be vulnerable and be yourself.  Use your strengths and playful delights to your advantage – the world is waiting.

Questions to guide you towards your Magic Mike style XXL package:

  • What do you want to see change in the world?
  • If money didn’t matter, how would you spend your time? (think even a year down the road)
  • What fun/interesting/quirky/dramatic/etc. things are you passionate about?
  • What comes super naturally to you?

Next, do a brainstorm on how you can merge more of your answers into your business.

You (in ALL your glory) are someone else’s fantasy or, at least, the answer to someone else’s prayer.


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