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What Happens When You Change Your Mind?

Launch time. Videos made. Salespage done. Program planned. Retreat spots picked. Dates set.

I had just planned all the details of the Sexified Success Circle as a high end year long mastermind and mentorship including luxurious, transformative retreat, 1×1 coaching and more.

Despite the planning of it being a joy, something felt off. I had been feeling this way for about 2 months of the process. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what exactly was off, but I couldn’t shake the feeling either.

Was it resistance? Self doubt? Self sabotage?

Because I couldn’t quite pin down what it was that I was feeling I kept pushing through, thinking it was probably resistance or fear.

The thing is “pushing” never turns out well for me.

Normally when I’m in flow and alignment things just happen with total ease. No need to push – it’s almost effortless and totally inspired. Why wasn’t THIS, my dream offering (I had been planning this for 3 years), feeling like a flow?! It should!

The more I planned the retreats the more I tuned into the fact I was already planning months of travel and time off with my husband + for The Pleasure Retreat. I realized that it just felt like TOO much. It didn’t feel spaciousness enough for me. It started to feel like pressure and work.

[Tweet “Running your own business is work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it.”]

The fact that things were feeling like work let me know something had to change.

As I was thinking about changing things I started thinking:

“Sarah will thinking I’m flaking out.”

“But I did all this planning and prep and already starting launching! I can’t change my mind now, it’s too late.”

“What will people think?”

“You’re being irresponsible, sometimes things just need to get done.”

“This is what you’ve always wanted to do, you’re just copping out.”

My ego was going a little crazy.

When I took the time to really move, breathe and tune in – I remembered that I could do everything as planned and just invite a few select women into a 6 month 1×1 mentorship with me during enrollment calls instead of The Sexified Success Circle. All I had to do was change the invite portion on my workshop and switch the application form.

Sigh, sweet relief. It all started feeling easy and in flow again.

I trusted that now just wasn’t the right time for what I had originally planned.

Once I trusted that and took the pressure off to do things in a certain way, flow returned and everything turned out better than planned.

I filled my private practice, took off to SE Asia with my husband (not planning on launching the Sexified Success Circle for another 6 months), and then while in Bali a wave of in inignorable inspiration hit to modify SSC for the first year to make it more spacious for me and accessible for my community (I shortened it and removed the retreats and private coaching sessions).

I spontaneously launched it, soft style nothing fancy, over a period of a few weeks and ended up exceeding my hopes and filling it before the launch period was done.

I’ve now been working with these 13 women for 4 months. I can see how much benefit there was to following my intuition. Now I feel like I’ve gained even more clarity and experience on how to run things better next time and I’m clearer on what feels good and what doesn’t as far as the group dynamic for a business program.

Things don’t always end up looking how we thought they would, sometimes they change. And that’s okay.

I want you to know that your business is an expression of you, and as long as you’re changing and evolving that means your business will too.

[Tweet “As long as you’re changing and evolving your business will too.”]

Next time you feel that resistance or feeling of “hard work” look at how you can modify things to make it feel like play, flow and ease. It’s true that sometimes we really have to work through our stuff and get uncomfortable to do what we are meant to be doing, but there’s a difference between stretching yourself in a way that grows you and stretching yourself in a way that’s out of alignment in that moment.

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