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The Biggest Mistake Budding Entrepreneurs Make

It turns out that packing your bags to leave Mexico isn’t quite as awesome as when you’re going there… But! I had a light bulb moment in the process that I had to share with you…

Reflecting on the last few months of traveling around has brought up a lot of stuff. For the most part, a glorious flood of gratitude and amazement. 

There’s been humpback whales, spiritual growth, boogie boarding, The Pleasure Retreat, skinny dipping, kissing my husband on the top of the empire state building, traveling with my besties, open air living,  life changing epiphanies, pina coladas, and infinity pools .






Which has left me asking the question: What really holds other awesome people like you back from having the mindset and financial freedom that would allow them to move through tropical hot-spots while working part-time from a laptop? (Or whatever else your dream business/lifestyle looks like…)

Just a few days before packing up, I was chatting with a girlfriend over an iced coffee at my favorite cozy work nook in Sayulita. I remember saying how I really wanted (and I think we all do) to have my own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience. You know, exotic destinations, decadent food, deep spiritual insights, the touch of a keen lover – the works 😉

It wasn’t until tucking away my last bikini (*pout*) that I realized I was standing right in the middle of that exact scenario already. It wasn’t a “someday soon” future, but a genuine reality, right then.

After leaning into the gratitude of that moment, I felt a pull to share the exact steps, strategies and skills that allow me to actually live like that. Because, I have the sense you’d be interested in that too…

But before we get into it, there’s something you have to know.

70% of start up businesses fail in the first year. Soon after, some of the other 30%, with hard working, passionate people like you behind the scenes, are still destined for overwhelm and ultimately a future you weren’t really dreaming of.

It goes to show how so many of us leap unprepared into our visions of freedom and riches, stepping out with wide-eyed optimism and blind faith that the Universe will catch us.

But, apparently, more than 70% of the time, it doesn’t.

There is of course that other happy few percent though (and I like to focus on the positive). Myself and many friends have gone on to make 6 or 7 figures (although those figures certainly aren’t essential to be living your dream lifestyle) a year while working around the world. So.. how do these business ninja-unicorns end up on top? What is the secret behind their success stories?

This is exactly what I realized while packing away that bikini…

They didn’t try to do it alone. And neither did I. (Bing! Cue angel choir and hair fan.)

For every client I’ve ever supported, someone else was supporting me too. Even the big names like Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, & Nisha Moodley (two of which are my current mentors), have their own coaches & masterminds behind the scenes. That’s because they understand the two basic principles of personal growth and success in business:

Friction and Tension. 
Ever tried to start a new healthy habit, or finally make that big change in life, only to completely forget about it just a week later? That’s friction. When you want to get the next level, or change the way your life looks, you’re guaranteed to come up against resistance.

The truth is, being lit up about your idea isn’t enough. You need the added force to help pull you through the fog and self-sabotage to reach those new, soul-swelling, heart-singing heights.

That’s where tension comes in. The real secret to getting there. It’s having someone that has made it to the other side of the gap, tied to you with a bungee cord. They guide you with proven strategies and systems to get you where you want to be (while high fiving over a glass of bubbly…or sweet lemonade!)


If you slip, doubt which step to take, are afraid you can’t make it, or full-on enter a spinning free fall, they’re there to support you by making sure you have the clarity and confidence you need to follow through and kick butt – client after client.

I wouldn’t expect the people I work with to believe in the power of coaching if I didn’t have one myself. Just like I wouldn’t hire a trainer if they didn’t lift weights and respect their own body. And, honestly, it’s what has made all the difference in my life and business.

You have to have someone to help with the practical side of your passion fuelled dream business/life. Like creating your dream schedule, out-of-your-comfort-zone income design, upgrading your success mindset and mastering enrollment processes that work with who you are and support your Soul Mate Clients.

Making sense? You aren’t expected to do all this on your own (and why would you want to?! It’s WAY more fun with a circle of sisters supporting you).  

Photo by The Essence Oracle

I just want you to know that there is more to it than meets the eye. Our “magic bullet” kind of culture doesn’t tell us the whole story.

For all your big, bright ideas and breakthrough moments, you’ll have an equal amount of scraped knees and flat-out, fall-on-your-face moments. This, my friends, is life.

The biggest mistake we make as entrepreneurs is thinking, “I can do this alone,” or worse, “I HAVE to do this alone.” Because you can’t. And you never will, whether you recognize it or not.

When we don’t ask for help, we play small. Playing big means being vulnerable, reaching out and knowing there is more to who you are and your success than just you.

Our egos want to tell us that because we’re positioning ourselves as experts that we shouldn’t need to ask for help from someone else. Which is absolute, 100%, grade A, certified bullshit.

If you want to be successful, you have to get over yourself.

Success is a choice. Just like enduring months or years of frustration, depression and financial struggle for the sake of your ego is a choice. I chose differently. And I reckon that you would like to as well…

Which leads me to the fun stuff! As I mentioned above, I’m putting together a bunch of actionable, must-know business design tools that will separate you from the pack and allow you to create your own dream life scenario – eating, praying, loving (lots and lots of that please) and whatever else equals bliss for you.

This content is not only what I teach to my clients but what I actually use personally each week to run my coaching business.

You don’t need to give me anything in exchange, it’s just a chance to get a feel for hanging out with me on a call with other aspiring biz ninjas, like yourself, and jamming on what it is you need to take things to the next level. One of those “everything-to-gain,“ ”win-win” situations. I like those.

If you do too, come join us over in the Soulful Success Tribe here.


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