Keep reading if you want have a successful, profitable, AND enjoyable life

without sacrificing

the things that are most important to you.  

You love being self-employed. You know that you’re meant to be an entrepreneur.  Heck, you’re amazing at what you do.  This is the right path for you. For sure.


  • You’re tired of staring into your inbox and seeing 167 unread emails.
  • Your to-do list is exhausting and it never seems to shrink, only expand.
  • You’re sick of making promises to your partner, to your kids, to your friends, and to yourself, but then breaking those promises because “work” always seems to get in the way. (“Just 5 more minutes and then I’ll come down for dinner, hon, I swear”… and then 5 minutes turns into 3 hours.)
  • The cycle of marketing, launching, pushing, striving… it’s like a hamster wheel that never ends. It’s just so draining.
  • You want to keep running your business, but something’s got to change, otherwise your health and relationships will suffer—or suffer more than they already have.

You’d love to find a new way of running your business—a way to make great money but without sacrificing your quality of life—but how?! You can’t see how to make that happen.


If that rings true, the WORK LESS MAKE MORE 1:1 INTENSIVE was designed for you.



It’s a custom designed EXPERIENCE just for you.  

Designed to support you in letting go of beliefs, habits and subconscious programming that are causing you to work HARDER than you need to and are taking you AWAY from the life you want.

…without letting go of the parts of you that make you amazing at what you do (hello, ambition!).  


It’s designed to be spacious, enjoyable, nourishing and a retreat from your everyday life.  


Depending on what’s going to feel most nourishing and EASE-FULL for you, we will meet virtually via Zoom or in person in my Sacred Space (in Canada) for half a day.  

Having Allison reflect on how I map out my plans (both creatively and in business), has helped me see where I’m making sacrifices that are negatively impacting my ultimate success (and, even more importantly, my top line revenue + my highest point of contribution on this planet).

Jamie Jensen, CEO of Your Hot Copy

Before I met Allison, I was stuck at the point of wanting success, but knowing there HAD to be a better way to get it than with the hustle, sacrifice, and burnout that had come with my previous business achievements. I was battling between “being” and “doing”, and was aching for a simpler, more graceful and easeful way of living and building a business.

By working with Allison, I saw what it could look like to embody ease, flow, intuition, and power. What it could look like to have success (on your own terms), without more work, more hustle, or more sacrifice. At first I didn’t believe it was possible for me to also BE that way, but Allison lives what she teaches and it is impossible NOT to have that way of being rub off on you.

I have now given up the guilt, the pressure, the sacrificing, and the hustling and traded it for more self care, more energy work, more embodying of the person and mentor I desire to be; and as a result, this week I am celebrating my first 6-figure launch.

I’ve upgraded my life in so many ways since working with Allison: I’ve stepped more fully into my gifts and power, have completely shifted my abundance mindset, have changed how I show up in my life and in my business, and thanks to this I am able to be more present with my husband and daughter and actually enjoy the life I have co-created.

Jessica Hill, Spiritual Mentor, Angel Healer & Lightworker Activator

During our time together we can:

  • Uncover the core issues preventing you from experiencing more fulfillment and financial success with ease (Hint: They’re not what you think!)
  • Play with each of those until they start to shift (awareness kicks off the process)
  • Do the inner work (using a mix of energy work, mindset work, journaling, ritual and/or ceremony)
  • Look at external factors causing more stress and taking up more energy than necessary and create an action plan to change or release them (sometimes together so it’s DONE before you leave!)



What’s going to happen during–and after–our work together? 

Every Intensive is different, but these are some of the shifts that my clients tend to experience… 

  • Feeling a sense of relief–a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.
  • Creating a simpler, less stressful business plan that feels sane and sustainable.
  • Finding the courage to raise your rates and developing new offerings that raise your annual income by 3-8x.
  • Releasing old programming–like perfectionism, procrastinating, doubting your intuition, and playing small–leading to a stronger business and better relationships with your partner kids, friends, and yourself, too.
  • Clarifying who your SMCs (soul mate clients) are and what needs to be expressed to speak to them clearly.
  • Feeling clear about your priorities in life and at work–with a new plan to help you work less while maintaining or increasing your income.

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Before the Success with Ease VIP Day, I was finally making a stable income in my biz, but not feeling good about how I was making it. I was overbooked, overworked and on the brink of burnout. I was feeling like I was working way too hard and not feeling like I was getting what I really wanted in return.

I was desiring ease, spaciousness and simplification. When I heard that Allison was offering a VIP day, I jumped on the chance to work with her. I have been wanting to work with Allison ever since I first knew who she was. I have always felt drawn to her presence, her fluidity, her ease, her confidence and grounding energy. I said “YES” because what I was desiring is exactly what Allison is the supreme expert in, and I trusted that I would receive exactly what I needed when working with her. It was easy and exciting for me to invest in this offer!

The VIP day was truly the beginning of my transformation that has been unfolding in the weeks after our call. Since that day, I have felt more aligned with who I truly am, feel more confident in embodying and expressing that person, and making EASE and SPACIOUSNESS and SIMPLICITY a priority…as well as focusing on inner strength and attraction rather than my usual modus operandi of hustling and initiating and action.

With Allison’s guidance, this shift has allowed me to ENJOY working on my business again, to release attachment to outcomes and expectations, and to enjoy spending my time how I desire to spend it. Not only do I feel phenomenal, but I have noticed how my shift in energy has led to awesome opportunities, abundance and synchronicity all coming out of the blue – because I know that all I have to do is BE ME, and the rest will fall into place.

If anyone is feeling like the way they have been doing things is simply not giving them the result they desire and seek more ease, spaciousness and joy in their life and biz AND align with who they truly are and have that be enough, you’ll want Allison on your team, hands down.

Rachel Fishman, Intuitive Coach, Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer, www.process-progress.com

I’m here to help you experience everything that you desire, without sacrificing the things that are most important to you.  



I’m Allison Braun, and I’ve been preparing my whole life to help you with this.  My whole life has been centered around growth, enjoyment, pleasure, ease and success.  My body was designed to ensure that I don’t over do it.  I have such a low tolerance for stress and overwhelm that I’ve had to learn to operate from a young age with EASE.  I’ve learned how to get double, triple, even quadruple the results in a quarter of the time simply because I’ve needed to.


It just so happens that my background in:

  • Business Coaching & Strategy (4 years + another 3 years of intense learning & practice for my former business)
  • Sexual Expression Coaching + Divorce Prevention training (4 years)
  • Energy work (14 years practicing Reiki)
  • Holistic Health (B.Sc.)
  • Sacred Money Archetypes
  • Plus, a lifelong passion for lifestyle design and financial growth

have equipped me to help YOU with the emotional, mindset, relational, lifestyle and strategic aspects of your growing pains.  

I love working intimately and long term with clients, and I’m thrilled to make this Intensive Day available because I know that my unique blend of mindset & energy work alongside strategy works FAST and is long lasting.  

“Every day I get to witness the ripple effect of what’s created as a result from working with you.”

The work I do as a partner with you is profound and fast acting… and it’s a gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime. It doesn’t go out of style, it doesn’t get outdated, and it won’t become irrelevant in 6 months or a year from now – your results will only get better over time.

I want you to be able to experience these specific shifts without having to have ongoing 1×1 calls or joining another mastermind.  

I want you to:

  • Be able to spend delicious, spacious time with yourself (on all the things you’ve been wanting to do but having been giving yourself permission to enjoy)
  • Have quality time with your friends and family without distraction  
  • Feel healthy and nourished instead of depleted and drained
  • Feel wildly successful AND deeply fulfilled


If you want that too, and you’re ready to experience deeply fulfilling success with more ease…


I look forward to spending this life-changing day with you.  


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What you get:

A 3 hour intensive 1×1 with Allison done virtually or in person at Allison’s home sanctuary.  

Also, including:

  • ½ day with Allison (Value $4000)
  • Pre-Session Clarity Intake Form assessed by Allison before session ($500)
  • The Business Pleasure Map (Value $297)
  • Audio recording of session (if done virtually)
  • Notes with all the important points from the session
  • 1 week of email/voxer access post session ($1000)


Your Investment: $5000    PAY IN FULL SPECIAL $3500


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I want you to:

  • Be able to spend delicious, spacious time with yourself (on all the things you’ve been wanting to do but having been giving yourself permission to enjoy)
  • Have quality time with your friends and family without distraction  
  • Feel healthy and nourished instead of depleted and drained
  • Feel wildly successful AND deeply fulfilled


If you want that too, and you’re ready to experience deeply fulfilling success with more ease…


I look forward to spending this life-changing day with you.  

Before my VIP day with Allison I was struggling with committing to launching an e-product & having a structured coaching package. I was also massively over-giving. I also doubted that I was good enough to only offer coaching packages and no longer offer one off sessions.

I said YES to this opportunity to work with Allison because I love how she embodies ease, simplicity and flow in her business and I knew she was the perfect person to hold space for me to integrate more of that energy into my business.
The top most significant changes I have noticed since our VIP day is that I now feel this anchored unwavering faith in myself were I know I can do anything. I gave myself a BIG raise $$ without hesitation. I

feel 1000% committed to my work & I am no longer being distracted by other projects or ideas. I am only working on one thing which has increased my productivity by 1000%. Allison also helped me demystify what I do as a coach which has helped me create content with ease, show up online with confidence & connect with my soulmate clients.

I now have a 3 month plan & for the first time ever I feel excited about having a plan that allows for freedom, space & flow.

Karla Mejia, Spiritual Coach l Inner Peace Goddess


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Once you make your payment you’ll receive an email with all your next steps to schedule your magical day, followed by a Clarity Questionnaire to help you get clearer on what you’d like to get out of this experience and to help me custom design your day for you.


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I look forward to spending this special time with you.




Have questions before booking?  Email us at support@allisonbraun.com and we will get back to you asap.  


Terms and Conditions for the Work Less Make More Intensive.