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katelyn edgar intuitive alchemistAllison is a dear sister, friend, and client, and she supported me as my biz coach in the first 4 or so years of my business. She helped me create over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in revenue through her masterminds. If you desire biz support from a genius level goddess who really CARES about you and your whole wellbeing, just JUMP ON THIS. And like, soon! This investment is NOTHING compared to what you could be making even one year from now.

Katelyn Edgar | Intuitive Alchemist


Before I met Allison, I was stuck at the point of wanting success, but knowing there HAD to be a better way to get it than with the hustle, sacrifice, and burnout that had come with my previous business achievements. I was battling between “being” and “doing”, and was aching for a simpler, more graceful and easeful way of living and building a business.

By working with Allison, I saw what it could look like to embody ease, flow, intuition, and power. What it could look like to have success (on your own terms), without more work, more hustle, or more sacrifice. At first I didn’t believe it was possible for me to also BE that way, but Allison lives what she teaches and it is impossible NOT to have that way of being rub off on you.

I have now given up the guilt, the pressure, the sacrificing, and the hustling and traded it for more self care, more energy work, more embodying of the person and mentor I desire to be; and as a result, this week I am celebrating my first 6-figure launch.

I’ve upgraded my life in so many ways since working with Allison: I’ve stepped more fully into my gifts and power, have completely shifted my abundance mindset, have changed how I show up in my life and in my business, and thanks to this I am able to be more present with my husband and daughter and actually enjoy the life I have co-created.

Jessica Hill | Spiritual Mentor, Angel Healer & Lightworker Activator


Being mentored by the Queen of Ease Allison Braun will permanently change your life from “push, push, push” to “mmm mmm pleasure!” Joining Allison’s high level, 10-month women’s circle and mastermind in 2017 was hands down the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Taiha Lee Perron | Writer, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher


Allison’s Living Richly Mastermind is SO GOOD that I’m participating in it for the second year in a row. The level of connection and support that I have experienced in Living Richly allows me to do things that scare the breath right out of me, stretch me well past my boundaries, and enrich my life beyond what it would be without these mastermind experiences. It has also accelerated the growth of my business so that I can now ONLY do what I love instead of having an additional j-o-b.

Allison’s unassuming yet strong style of leadership is a powerful catalyst for the connections that happen in her masterminds. She brings to the table a very unique and rare combination of business strategy and spirituality, which takes things to a whole new level! You have a business question? She has an unexpectedly strategic suggestion. Life question? She has the wisdom you need there too.

Allison can hold space for all the big things, and knows how to pivot when needed to support the group members. This is a safe space to expand into the person that I’m meant to be, and I cannot wait to see what this year’s mastermind has in store!

Jackie Reimche | Non-Diet Holistic Nutritionist


Hiring Allison as my coach for her 6 month mastermind was one of the best decisions I made in 2019 when it comes to personal and professional growth. I was initially hesitant because it was a big investment in a Coach whom I had only known for a year and yet I knew she had something unique to offer – the perfect blend of spiritual and strategic focus. I needed to transform my ‘not enough’ and ‘I’m not ready’ beliefs in order to get to my next level of expression and after our ‘clarity’ session, I intellectually and intuitively knew she was the one to help me.

The biggest shift I made internally was owning my leadership and expertise in my field and no longer blocking opportunities that were coming my way due to ‘imposter syndrome.’ As a result, I am now a global coach and trainer for two global businesses who are on a mission completely aligned with my life purpose. This has led to my first $10k speaking/training gig, along with being booked to do leadership trainings in Germany, Turkey, Istanbul, Switzerland and more! Plus I have a new lady gang to call my soul sisters.

If you feel like you’re at a crossroads in life or your business and want a fresh perspective from someone who is grounded in both spiritual and practical practices, Allison is someone you want to work with. She’s kinda like magic!

Seema Sodha | BSc. Psychology, Leadership Coach


kristen jett starlit strategiesDo you believe that you can have it all… without doing it all? I came to Allison knowing that I needed to transition into a more pleasurable business – more balance, more ease, more flow and intuition, less of the corporate mindset that had been sticking with me. Because why are we creating businesses if we aren’t also creating more joy and pleasure in our lives?

What if you could have a six-figure launch without stress or hustle? What if you could get immense clarity on your soul purpose from Divine herself? A way to include business, family, and pleasure in your day to day life without adding more hours to your day? All of these have came into my life while working with Allison. If you want to truly believe that you can have it all, and bring tangible miracles into your life, Allison is the mentor for you.

Kristen Jett | Intuitive Business Strategist + Profit Priestess


jackie mcdonaldLast week my friend told me that something huge changed for me when I came back from my trip to Bali with the Sexified Success Circle (the previous version of the Living Richly Mastermind). My friend who is also my EFT Practitioner said that in my body I was completely different. I had sunk into how safe I was in the world and came back with an unstoppable spirit of “I can do anything” and as you know I’ve created all sorts of amazing results in my life since.

Also, I’ve realized how much of a blessing it was to invest in that program early on in my business because I have grown my business on having FUN and flow. Past mentors of mine worked hard and burned themselves out (and got sick) and I got to avoid that because of working with you!

As the years go on, I continue to see how valuable that investment was over and over again. Thank you and I love you.

Jackie McDonald | Courage Coach + Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner


ashWorking with Allison has catapulted my growth – personally and professionally – which I think is a unique set of results when working with a coach. Most focus strictly on personal or business development and what I’ve loved about working with Allison is that the whole process has been so organic.

During our one on one time, we address what needs to be addressed in real time, whether it’s list building, self care, connection to spirit or incorporating pleasure into the way I work – the way Allison deeply hears and helps you get what you need in the moment is nothing short of magical. I leave each session feeling more connected to myself, my work and the sisterhood she has created.

Learning to work this way has helped me feel confident and excited about sitting down to get work done, about creating launch schedules, and most importantly, about creating my dream lifestyle and the business that fits it.

If you are looking to get long term and personalized results, Allison is the woman to work with. I have such deep gratitude for the space she creates for each of her clients to grow and thrive, and the Sexified Success Circle (the previous version of the Living Richly Mastermind) has been nothing short of the most supportive and sacred sisterhood I’ve ever experienced.

Ashly Rose Wolf | Women’s Health + Sensuality Coach


hillaryschneiderSince working with Allison, I have launched a new site, with new offerings and new copy, been able to identify and attract my ideal client. Got clear on my message and launch me into being able to reach even new heights of success that were not possible since before we worked together. I had 6 figures within my first 3 weeks of launching and am continuing that trend, most importantly creating more joy and knowing from within that has allowed me to claim it! I would not be where I am in my heights of my business without her mentorship and the incredible space of wisdom and advice that she holds for her clients.

Hillary Schneider | Owner at Epona Rise Retreat Center


Being a part of your Living Richly Mastermind has come at such a divine time in my life. I am sitting here trying to think of one single thing that you have said that has impacted me but in all honesty so much of what you said has and on so many different levels!

Your work is inspiring and gets me motivated to not only create my dream life but to have the greatest time ever doing so!

Janalyn Renee | Owner + Stylist at Soul Salons


Something magical happens when you work with Allison… at least it did for me!

Gearing up for the Living Richly Mastermind, I was living a life in fear of being seen, in fear of using my voice, uncertain of what I wanted to achieve, and uncertain if I was even doing the right things in my business. Of course, this was going on at a deeply unconscious level that manifested itself as soul-crushing and paralyzing anxiety.

Allison’s support and guidance helped me identify what I wanted from life and gave me the courage to go for it! I went from a woman who was practically in hiding to a woman who has been catapulted into local celebrity (at least, that’s how it feels).

Since the Mastermind concluded, I have applied and earned an esteemed (and coveted) year-long artist residency in my city, have had two articles written about me and my work in local media, have spoken at an annual awards gala for my local arts district, and have been interviewed by the local arts newspaper in my city.

Additionally, I gained a sisterhood of like-minded women that I cherish and that continues to grow and flourish.

Choosing to work with Allison was the best decision I have made this year, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jennifer Woods | Owner at Jennifer Woods Jewelry

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