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Always Making JUST Enough, Never Extra? Read This.

Always Making JUST Enough, Never Extra? Read This.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations about money lately, and observing a lot of my own thoughts and experiences as well.  One thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately is “I always have just enough, never extra!”

Have you ever had that experience where something planned (financially) falls through? Or, all the sudden you need to make more than you usually would (your roommate moves out or a potential client changes her mind) and somehow the exact amount that you need shows up.

Whenever you absolutely need something it shows up but always just enough, never extra!  It’s like there’s a financial glass ceiling you can’t quite break through. 

That means no savings, no splurge money, no charity give-back money, no luxuries that you know would feel so good.

If this sounds familiar, then keep reading.

This seems to be a common phenomena – regardless of whether your normal monthly income and costs are $2000 or $20,000. The pattern of making just enough shows up over and over.
This means no extra for those wonderful luxuries you’ve been pining over (bye bye vacation, maybe next week weekly massage or next year for that new VA, and bye bye savings and sense of security).

I have a theory.

During a great business jam with a bestie of mine I heard myself say something I hadn’t said before and it was clearly for me just as much as it was for her.

Here it is:

“Until the things you see as luxuries become necessities in your heart, mind, and lifestyle design, you will continue to not have enough for them (at least consistently). Most people will always make enough – enough to eat and pay our rent and for all the other things deemed necessary, but anything that isn’t treated as a luxury or “oh, that’d be niice” will be left to the wayside.


Because you have not clearly communicated with yourself and the Universe that those things are actually necessary in order for you to be living in the vibration and energy you want and NEED in order to be doing your best work in the world.

THIS is why you can even end up making more money but STILL not end up experiencing those things you want.

I realized this when my income doubled this year to a very dreamy amount and I had made my Business Pleasure Map (where you map out your *realistic 6 months down the road* ideal schedule, lifestyle, plus what that lifestyle will cost). I had things mapped out in my ideal lifestyle – I am even making enough for those things and yet I still feel like I can’t give them to myself – they still feel like “expensive luxuries”.

The solution to starting to experience your luxuries (and a sense of “more than enough”) now…

1. Write out your big why – your vision of why it’s important for you to feel your very best – what will that allow you to do?

2. Write out the luxuries that you actually see as being necessities for you to be operating at your very best. *You may not be ready to have all your luxurious desires convert to necessities, but I imagine there’s at least a couple. What are they? why are they important to you? what will they cost per month?

3. Have a conversation with the Universe/God/Source/your Higher Self, about stepping into this new reality and why it’s important. Something like “You’ve been calling me to do/be X in my life and I’m ready to step into that – in order for this to happen I need your support – these are the things I need in order to feel and be my very best right now and to….”

4.  It’s important to believe that you are worthy of what you desire.  This is a very intricate topic (a whole other blog post…series!) and there’s a depth of attention and intention that often needs to be put here.  As a quick start you can create an affirmation (or two or three) and state it to yourself a couple times a day until it starts to feel like it’s integrated.

Here are some of my faves:

  • It’s safe for me to have more than I need.
  • I’m comfortable receiving more money than I need.
  • I am worthy of what I desire.
  • I allow money to contribute to my soul’s purpose.
  • All of my needs are exceeded.
  • It’s my Divine birthright to enjoy abundance.

5. Take committed, aligned action to make these things reality.

Share your experience with this theory and process + which luxuries you’re ready to turn into a necessity in the Soulful Success Tribe (our private FB community) over here.

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