for devoted business owners who want to expand as leaders, feel fulfilled, enjoy life and change the world (without burning out or self-sacrificing). 


I see you.

Have you been scrolling on FB, trying to find a way to let yourself rest?

Are you tired, but feel your mind spinning a mile a minute, thinking about all the things you could or should be doing?

Have you been working so hard that now your body is feeling it – yet you still feel bad for resting? 

Do you sometimes feel guilty for wanting more, because of everything you already have?

And yet, you DO want more…


You know you’re capable of more and are being called to deepen into your mission, but you are being asked to do it differently… in a way that honours ALL of you.

You’re a dedicated, deeply caring soul who feels compelled to start sharing your message more than ever before, but how you’re guided to do it feels new, scary and SO uncertain – am I right?


You’re extremely gifted and talented at what you do. You might question yourself sometimes, it’s natural, but ultimately you KNOW you’re great at what you do.

You know what it’s like to reach and surpass your goals (like running a retreat or live event, selling out your new program, calling in your Soul Mate…).

You’ve experienced success, and now you’re ready for what’s next (which still feels like it could use some clarifying, btw).

You know you want to EXPAND… Your business. Your community. Your relationships. All that you can experience in life.


You’re driven by freedom… and growth. Always growing (oh, how I love that about you).

You know you’re capable of more, but it feels like there’s this wallor even a dam, perhapswith energy piling up with no release.

You’re wondering…

Is it really possible for me to impact more people, shine brighter and increase my income without:

  • Suffering and working my ass off?
  • Sacrificing my free time?
  • Being someone I’m not?”

(P.S. – I’ve wondered all these things myself and, spoiler alert: it is possible!)

allison braun leadership

As a result of this paradoxical question, you’re stuck (or more truthfully, you feel stuck).

It probably feels frustrating to be in this place where the things that worked before, no longer do. Or at least, they don’t feel right.

Are you sick of this feeling that you have to keep working harder to deserve what you want?

Do you fear that if you show up as ALL of you, you’ll lose credibility?

Do you still sometimes have a voice that tells you that you have to sacrifice one thing to have another?

You’d love to find a new way of running your business—a way to make great money but without sacrificing your quality of life—but how?!

I get it. I am an empath focused on growth, in all areas. I have hit those plateaus where I think to myself, “I just don’t think I can take care of any more people with the level of intimacy and quality that I want to maintain.” I’ve held myself back because, “If I let myself be more visible and really share what I’m thinking, everything will fall apart.”

And yet, I felt the desire to expand my reach. To expand the level of impact I was having. And to expand how much of myself I was expressing.

There was a level of guilt that came with the desire to expand – guilt around wanting to DO less, to maintain my lifestyle and keep things simple AND experience more success. I’d often wonder, “Do I deserve more if I don’t want to work harder or do more?”

I realized that I do deserve to work in my own way (as do we all), a way that has plenty of spaciousness, pleasure and downtime. I also realized that this is one of the greatest gifts I can give you: the knowing that you can work in a way that feels delicious and true to you, without losing momentum and getting even better results than ever before… all while truly enjoying this journey of life.

I’ve done the work to get to the other side, where I can hold space for way more people with solid integrity (1:1, in group programs and in my community) while actually feeling MORE spacious and light.


Here’s the thing…

I want you to know that:

  • You CAN expand your capacity for success while simultaneously expanding the amount of spaciousness and enjoyment you experience.
  • Receiving is just as powerful as giving. Yes, feel free to breathe that one in.
  • You do NOT need to experience burnout and suffering in order to make a huge impact or receive the financial abundance you desire.
  • You don’t have to over-deliver, over-perform, or over-give in order to be worthy of what you really want (or to make a big difference in your clients’ lives).

rich leadership mentorship with allison braun

Rich leadership, financial success, deep fulfillment and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive.

You can have it all. I’m talking about full permission to truly enjoy your business and your life.



  • Quadrupling income without working more (and often working less)
  • Navigating what used to be challenging, triggering situations with so much more grace and ease
  • Calling in more soul mate clients, instead of ones that just feel good/okay
  • Financially thriving so their partner can follow their dreams too
  • Creating the program they were being prompted to create, but were too scared to before
  • Getting pregnant
  • Opening up to new gifts and greater intuition
  • Adjusting things so their life better reflects their true desires and values
  • Re-igniting the spark in their relationship
  • Meeting their Soul Mate (because they trusted their intuition to do something they wouldn’t normally do)
  • Bringing more balance to life (so it’s not kids, then work, then partner, then 5% left for themselves)
  • Receiving more opportunities to share their message and fully express themselves (podcasts, publications, speaking on stage, guest facilitating at a retreat in Mexico…)
  • Reaching more (of the right) people naturally and organically

allison braun rich leadership

Hi, I’m Allison. As a Business & Lifestyle Success Coach, I support ambitious, devoted business owners who feel like they’ve hit an income & impact ceiling AND a wall as far as how hard they can work.

Together, we go through my R.I.C.H. Leadership process so you can continue to expand your impact, fulfillment and financial success… without working harder, and with integrity and enjoyment.

After facilitating high-end masterminds for over 5 years, I felt the call to share this 1:1 offering with you – because I know you now want dedicated support and focus on YOU, where you don’t have to worry about anyone else.

Working with me acts as an activation – an activation to growing (as an individual and as a business) with more ease, grace and enjoyment.

An activation in receiving.
An activation in new gifts.  
An activation in Rich Leadership.  
An activation in wealth consciousness.  
An activation in simplicity.
An activation in your deepest, truest desires.


Working together, you’ll find a way through life that is aligned with YOUR being that also serves YOUR business. You’ll have a clearer view of your future, a plan with the tools and practical practices to get there, AND a way to move through it safely, with the greatest possible outcome.

My R.I.C.H. Leadership Process is designed to support you in living a truly rich life (aka fulfilled, joyous and financially successful) while creating a legacy and leading with your greatest gifts. Without sacrifice. Without pushing. Without burnout.

Even the most successful women need a support system, and I’ve got you.


You will receive:

  • Business, Lifestyle & Success Coaching and Mentorship
  • Intuitive Guidance to help you connect with your own intuition, plus deep, intuitive insights from me to ensure aligned action can be taken with more ease
  • Practical Business Strategy
  • Tools & Training to improve your leadership
  • Energy Work
  • Priceless Feedback, Resources & Connections
  • Accountability


What you’ll get in the RICH LEADERSHIP 1:1 Mentorship

BI-WEEKLY ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT (valued at $16,500)

You’ll get one-on-one support with me the entire six months (May to October). Our work together will be a mix of coaching, consulting, strategy and energy work, depending on what your needs are for each session.

rich leadership with allison braun


We’ll begin our 6 months together with a Leadership & Money Intake Session where you and I dig deep to clear a path and envision your plan (from a place of pleasure, of course) for the next 6 months!

GOT YOUR BACK SUPPORT (Valued at $12,000)

Voxer/FB messenger, energy work and support in between sessions.



Here’s the overview:

  • 6 months in sacred container (Priceless)
  • 2-hour Leadership & Money Intensive + Intake Session ($3,500)
  • 11 1×1 calls with Allison ($16,500)
  • Energetic support via energy work and Voxer/FB messenger in between sessions ($12,000)
  • Access to all group trainings from Allison (BPM & C2C+) ($5,000)
  • 40-Day Strengthening the Aura practice with Katelyn Edgar ($22)
  • Surprise Goodies in the mail (priceless!)
  • Charitable contribution to The Adventure Project (or cause of your choosing) ($500)

total value – over $37,000

Your investment? Less than half.

~~ Schedule a connection call today for a chance to save $800 + receive a BONUS Sacred Money Archetype Assessment & Intensive valued at $3,500 ~~

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rich leadership mentorship

what others have to say…

Before I met Allison, I was stuck at the point of wanting success, but knowing there HAD to be a better way to get it than with the hustle, sacrifice, and burnout that had come with my previous business achievements. I was battling between “being” and “doing”, and was aching for a simpler, more graceful and easeful way of living and building a business.

By working with Allison, I saw what it could look like to embody ease, flow, intuition, and power. What it could look like to have success (on your own terms), without more work, more hustle, or more sacrifice. At first I didn’t believe it was possible for me to also BE that way, but Allison lives what she teaches and it is impossible NOT to have that way of being rub off on you.

I have now given up the guilt, the pressure, the sacrificing, and the hustling and traded it for more self care, more energy work, more embodying of the person and mentor I desire to be; and as a result, this week I am celebrating my first 6-figure launch.

I’ve upgraded my life in so many ways since working with Allison: I’ve stepped more fully into my gifts and power, have completely shifted my abundance mindset, have changed how I show up in my life and in my business, and thanks to this I am able to be more present with my husband and daughter and actually enjoy the life I have co-created.

Jessica Hill | Spiritual Mentor, Angel Healer & Lightworker Activator

Working with Allison has catapulted my growth – personally and professionally. The way she deeply hears and helps you get what you need in the moment is nothing short of magical.

Ashly Rose Wolf | Women’s Health + Sensuality Coach,

katelyn edgar intuitive alchemist

Allison is a major gift from God. I worked with this angel for three years in a row because her support and guidance both in my business and life is SO magical and powerful!

My entire reality is unrecognizable, when I compare when we started together to where I am now. I’ve grown a massive community of clients and students who I get to support and guide. My yearly income grew more than 15 times – LITERALLY! I learned to create a lifestyle that includes making time and space for all the things that really matter to me. I’ve learned how to establish and uphold crucial boundaries (in my business and personal life). I’ve learned to incorporate so much more JOY into my day to day life. I learned to bring BALANCE to my life and business so I can have fun, be productive, make an impact, stay connected with loved ones, support causes I care about, AND receive the financial support that I desire.

Working with Allison is like working with a miracle maker. She just knows the right questions to ask and the right guidance to give, to get you well on your way to making your dreams reality. I’m so so so beyond grateful for this brilliant woman’s support and guidance. Thank you, Alli. <3

Katelyn Edgar | Intuitive Alchemist

kristen jett starlit strategies

Do you believe that you can have it all… without doing it all? I came to Allison knowing that I needed to transition into a more pleasurable business – more balance, more ease, more flow and intuition, less of the corporate mindset that had been sticking with me. Because why are we creating businesses if we aren’t also creating more joy and pleasure in our lives?

What if you could have a six figure launch without stress or hustle? What if you could get immense clarity on your soul purpose from Divine herself? A way to include business, family, and pleasure in your day to day life without adding more hours to your day? All of these have came into my life while working with Allison. If you want to truly believe that you can have it all, and bring tangible miracles into your life, Allison is the mentor for you.

Kristen Jett | Intuitive Business Strategist + Profit Priestess,

Allison holds a sacred container for major transformation in a way that has uplevelled all aspects of my life.

Renee Mclachlan | Women’s Ecstatic Sexuality Coach & Dance Facilitator

chantelle adams

You’ve helped me shift in massive ways, you tuned into what I truly needed, which was to close up energy leaks, and helped me know what and how to do this so I can recharge and fully embody my vision. You helped me tap into one of the most powerful full circle moments to help me see that I am enough and I am worthy of my desire and no matter what anyone else thinks or says I will honour that call within me!

Truly so grateful for the space you held for me to have these powerful realizations but also for the way you supported me in taking aligned action for what my soul really needs in this moment!

Love yah and grateful for the powerful work you do in the world simply by being YOU!!! You are your message embodied… ease, grace, divine gifts and showing up in complete alignment and authenticity.

Chantelle Adams | Speaker & Speaking Coach

Since working with Allison, I have launched a new site, with new offerings and new copy, been able to identify and attract my ideal client. Got clear on my message and launch me into being able to reach even new heights of success that were not possible since before we worked together. I had 6 figures within my first 3 weeks of launching and am continuing that trend, most importantly creating more joy and knowing from within that has allowed me to claim it! I would not be where I am in my heights of my business without her mentorship and the incredible space of wisdom and advice that she holds for her clients.

Hillary Schneider | Owner at Epona Rise Retreat Center

Allison has helped me not only understand but also really FEEL that I deserve more ease and flow in life and business.

Jason Van Orden | Marketing and Business Strategy Consultant

Know this is for you?

allison braun rich leadership mentorship

Working with Allison I have experienced a deeper connection with myself in my body, increased joy and pleasure in my day to day life, stronger sense of trust in myself, deeper connection with others, increased abundance and creative inspiration.

Sarah Penfold | Gumboot Diva (urban homesteading)

Still not sure?

the rich leadership 1:1 mentorship IS for you if you:

  • have an established service-based business and want to be seen as a leader in your field AND become an even better facilitator and leader
  • want it all – love, success, travel, great relationships, to support your family, and to serve others (all on your own terms)
  • want to grow your business without compromising who you are or going into burnout
  • want a place where you feel held through your growth, and safe to share whatever you are going through without judgement
  • want to feel alive, connected, passionate and expansive… and like YOU, totally being yourself


it’s not for you if you:

  • Are just in it for the money
  • Aren’t consistently making enough to support yourself through your business
  • Haven’t filled one of your programs before
  • Don’t take responsibility for yourself, your finances and your actions
  • Aren’t passionate about what you do and committed to serving others through your gifts

If you feel a resounding “yes!” in your body, I invite you to schedule a time to connect.

allison braun rich leadership mentorship

I look forward to getting to know you!
allison braun rich leadership mentoring

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