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Internal Guidance, Babies + Ripples

Be nourished AND live your highest purpose.

That’s what today is all about.  In this Girlfriend Skype Date you get to meet one of my first mentors,  Kris Ward aka The Abundant Yogi. The cool thing is I would hardly consider myself a yogi and yet due to Kris’ clear message, authenticity and showing what it is like to live a life of pleasure AND purpose, I was immediately drawn to her.

In this “Date” you will learn:

  • What to do when you start to feel depleted (or to avoid feeling overwhelm)
  • How to experience true freedom and full self-expression
  • How to give a huge contribution to the world…just being being yourself
  • The one tool you can easily tune into in order to know what decision to make
  • About the “ripple effect” and why being YOU is so important to the well being of the rest of the world

Kris also shares what happened when she became a mom (great to listen to for all you new mama’s out there!) as a passionate business owner.

“The ripple effect.  When you follow your passion and are authentic in who you are a huge ripple effect happens and empowers someone else to do the same.”

When you are giving and giving full heartedly it is essential to nurture yourself  and let your pleasure guide you so you don’t feel depleted.

When you are depleted it is impossible to serve the world to your full capacity.  Kris shares that she wants her students/clients to feel true freedom by trusting their own internal guidance system and what truly lights them up by being “consciously selfish.”

When you are getting your pleasure buttons pushed you can be such a huge contribution to the world by just being yourself.

We are taught from a young age to do what we need to in order to fit in and be socially acceptable – and often that means not making ourselves a priority or not putting our pleasure first.  This can cause us to feel guilty or selfish for wanting to do things for ourselves.  BUT, when we can be consciously selfish (knowing that when you take care of YOU and fill up your love tank that you are actually able to contribute and serve MORE) it is really a win-win situation in the long (and often short) run.

When you feel you are going in a downstream flow, that feeling of enthusiasm, interest and intrigue + excitement …. that is your “God self”  inner guidance system or soul inside of you saying this is the “real me” lets do more of this.

Let your pleasure and internal guidance guide you.

The world would be a much better place if everyone was leaning into their internal guidance system, being consciously selfish and following their pleasure.

The pleasure piece is inextricably connected to being authentic.  To trust and lean into that ache to be authentic and fully self expressed can sometimes be scary and it requires vulnerability.  What feels lighter, yummy and like pleasure that is your soul saying “yes!”

The source of unhappiness is when we are living the way we feel we “should”  and don’t follow that guidance.  It takes a huge amount of courage to follow that guidance, but when we do we are always rewarding with the feeling of flow, lightness, pleasure and yumminess!

Kris shares that whenever she puts pressure on yourself, compares herself or is shoulding, trying to fold or compromise herself in order to be like someone else she runs into friction, tension, and it feels like uphill battle (paddling upstream), and she feels that ache “but wait this isn’t honoring what we really want to do.”

Everything costs or contributes.  How do we know if it is costing or contributing?  Because,  it will feel like pleasure if its contributing, like hope, ease, playfulness, trust, power, and lightness.  It will feel like all the opposites when it is costing you.

If you are a mom I am sure you can relate to what Kris shares about her experience and challenge of adjusting to being a new mom, business woman and staying in her pleasure.  There’s such an importance of balance and getting really honest with yourself.  She had to really get selfish for the sake of pleasure, keeping her own love tank full and in order for her to show up authentically and be a whole, integrated person.  She had to get honest with herself and others.

From a young age we are trained to say and do only the things that won’t make others uncomfortable so we can fit in.  We are all deserving of love and belonging.

If you want to really be fully self-expressed, and be free of the good opinions of others, so you have an abundance of love and energy to put out there and live your purpose it requires a tight-knit community that you can be honest with, be real with, share your fears with.  The consequences of not being true to ourselves are so much yuckier than being true.

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