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money vs. lifestyle

money vs. lifestyle

This year has been really consumed by thinking about and preparing for the possibility of getting pregnant and being a mama (it’s been a big shift for someone who never thought she’d have kids).

My creative energy has primarily been filtering into that area of my life.  Through this process I’ve felt a deeper connection to spirit and to my soul.  As a result of doing this work my BEing and the work I’ve been doing with clients has shifted to incorporating a lot more intuition, energy work, soul, magic and alignment than normal – leading me to feeling delightfully ready for a rebrand (oh hello new visuals, photos and words!).

If you’ve ever gone through this process you’ll know what I mean when I say it brings up ALL your stuff – who you are, what you’re doing, and what aspects you do and don’t want to focus on.  You start questioning everything! (yay?!)

This process has affirmed that my community (hey you 😉 ) is filled with people that would choose living their purpose over money every.single.time.  AND they don’t want to choose – they want to do their soul’s work and live a lifestyle that’s unique to their desires.

Knowing this gave me a split second (okay, maybe a day) thought of “don’t talk about money then! Besides everyone else is so heavily focused on talking about making 6 or 7 figures…steer away from that!”

But, that made me a little sad…because I love talking about money…and more importantly, intentionally creating a desired lifestyle.

So here’s my commitment to you – I will not talk about money for the sake of money.  I WILL talk about money when inspired, because it’s fun, and because it’s an important tool in creating your business and lifestyle.

If you’ve followed me for a while you might know that I spent many years making $9-$12/hr in the health industry.


At this time I had a modest (dream) vision of what I wanted my life to be like.  After learning about lifestyle design I realized this vision of my lifestyle would cost about $4300/m.  Then there were some big visions, ones that I kept at an arms distance because I thought I’d have to make millions of dollars to experience them (and that just wasn’t possible for me, right?! So, there’s no point in wanting them…).

I share this because I know you may feel a pull towards letting go of dreams because they don’t feel possible OR because you think you need to make 6 or 7 figures to experience the things you want.  And, yet I’d bet that you’d be just as thrilled to make enough to focus your energy on what you love to do and have the financial freedom to do the things you want to do (sweet, sweet experiences) without worry. 

Knowing that, I’m excited to tell you that I started having those million dollar experiences even BEFORE I was making $4300/m!  And now I’m experiencing things I never thought possible…still far before making a million dollars.

Experiences like:

  • traveling to dreamy locations and staying in multi-million dollar mansions or luxury eco resorts
  • hiring someone to prepare food for me
  • taking semi-spontaneous flights and going to places like Burma, Bali, Thailand, and Mexico for months at a time with my partner
  • living in a tropical place for the winters
  • hiring the mentors I’ve most wanted to work with
  • buying a complete new wardrobe (and going shopping with a stylist)
  • flying my besties to meet me at a boutique resort to host a retreat with me
  • supporting my husbands dreams
  • having an assistant to support me in my business


It’s SO possible for you to have a truly magical life, filled with experiencing all the desires of your heart and then some…far before you’re making 6 or 7 figures.  And, far before you think you can as long as you know very clearly what you want and focus on it.

Keep dreaming big – the dreams that are true for you (regardless of others dreams).

Before I was aware of lifestyle design (I process I take my clients through in The Business Pleasure Map) I thought I wanted to make $100,000 – $200,000+.  It’s taken me way longer than I thought to reach that dollar amount BUT I’ve experienced far more of my visions, dreams and desires way SOONER than I ever thought. 

Knowing WHAT you want to experience and why is really what matters.

When you know this you’ll create what you need to make it happen – regardless of how much it is.  Start focusing on what you want, and stop focusing so much on making a random $ amount just because everyone else is talking about random $ amounts.  This is (one of) the keys to having the lifestyle you really want without being overworked and burnt out…so you can actually enjoy it!

What do you dream of experiencing?

Let’s make it happen…with intention, alignment, soul and sweet simplicity. Focus brings us to freedom!

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