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I believe you can continue building a successful business that makes a difference, fulfills your purpose and brings you financial freedom.

And, I believe you can do it without burning out or sacrificing your happiness.

Think that’s impossible? Think again.

Hello, I’m Allison Braun and I never intended to become a business coach.


I began my business as a sexual expression coach–known by my clients as the Bedroom Joyologist. I quickly noticed that conversations about sex, expression and relationship inevitably unfolded into conversations about purpose, work, and money, long hours, exhaustion and burnout.  My clients were starving for more enjoyment, pleasure and ease — not just in the bedroom but in their careers and businesses, too.

Half a decade later, I now work “full-time” (my personal version of “full time” means 15-20 hours a week) as a business & lifestyle mentor.

Over the last 5+ years,  I’ve helped over 200 clients dramatically upgrade their quality of life –providing them more free time, more spaciousness, and more fun–  all without sacrificing their income.

These life enjoyment upgrades look different for each of them — what would it look like for YOU?

  • doubling your own (personal, not just business) income every year ?

  • working less than 20 hours a week (without having a huge team)?

  • allowing your partner to “retire” from strenuous, unfulfilling work so they can focus on what they love?

  • experiencing more spaciousness, pleasure & enjoyment, while making even more $?

P.S.  I’ve done all of the above too, so I get those desires!

From day one I’ve built my business with desire-aligned intention and the spaciousness to fully enjoy all the people and activities I love.

My current passion projects include:

  • Finishing my Success & Abundance with Essential Oils & Crystals book (gosh the pictures are sooo pretty!)
  • Decorating my new home and hosting Personal Retreat Days with clients my sacred space (or what my husband would call my “crystal shop” lol)
  • Supporting The Adventure Project and learning how we can have liberation for all!
  • All.the.retreats!  Daydreaming about where the next Sexified Success Circle retreats will be …

When I’m away from my desk (aka couch), I love swimming in the nearest ocean (often in Sayulita), drinking espresso, doing Muay Thai with my trainer, cuddling with Garret (my husband of 6 years), and making handmade mala’s for my clients.

At the core, my purpose is to help you…

Allison-Braun-bullet-point Fully express yourself and know how needed, powerful and wonderful you are (just by being yourself.)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point ENJOY your life now (…not “someday later” after you’ve finished earning your next certification, made your next 6 figures, you’ve finished paying off your mortgage, or you’ve lost 10 pounds.  Right now.)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Acknowledge the possibilities and desires that you’ve stuffed down for far too long and then bring them to life.

I know that you really want to put your heart and soul into your work so you can help others to the best of your ability.  I also know you want to do it while making the money you need to have the freedom and lifestyle (hello travel and fun time!) you deeply desire.

You can have and experience what you want (happiness, fulfillment AND a financially rockin’ business) – and I’ll help you get there … with soul & simplicity.


I also believe the more emphasis you put on enjoying the journey, rather than pushing towards unaligned goals, the more fulfilling your “work” will be and as a community we will all be happier.


That’s what I’m all about.




So: Why should you work + play with me, instead of one of the other fabulously-qualified, effective + insightful business mavens, out there?

As I’ve built my own thriving business and coached hundreds of women from over 10 countries, I’ve learned that women at all levels of business struggle with letting themselves experience spaciousness, ease and pleasure. Here’s how I help.



“You actually listened to me and saw a bigger picture with more possibility than I could see.  You saw beyond what I could see.  You reflecting that back to me allowed me to step into that bigger vision and feel the possibility for myself.”
~ A happy client at the end of our very first conversation.


It’s truly possible for you to experience more enjoyment in your life, without sacrifice.

I know you’re ready for this …  so, let’s go!

Book your hot {business} date here.  

I can’t wait to get all up in your business.





P.S.  Not quite ready to dive into working together yet?  You can get started by reading this blog on More Success, While Doing Less.

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and receive your free guide: "5 Soulful Steps to Attracting Your First High-Paying Soul Mate Clients"