living richly inner circle with allison braun

Hello you brilliant, powerhouse of a human,

In true unconventional Allison form, this invitation isn’t going to start in the typical “strategic sales page” format. Instead, I feel guided to share a story about what led to this offering being birthed, and what has likely drawn you here.

I trust that, as you read through this story, you’ll know even before reading through the rest of the details if this container is for you.

the real reason this experience exists

After taking a year hiatus and ultimately deciding to let the Sexified Success Circle mastermind go last year (which had been running wonderfully for the last 6 years), I was finally guided to the Living Richly Inner Circle.

*I wish I could say that I was really patient throughout that WHOLE time period of waiting for this guidance come, but there were definitely moments where it was uncomfortable to wait for the, “YES, go, do the thing.”

It started to drop in after running an (outdoor) electronic music festival with my husband and our team this summer. We had just wrapped up after an intense, but magical weekend, complete with a tornado and 2 days of storms!

The sun was setting, the sky clear and filled with beautiful shades of pink, and this amazing group of people was sitting around a makeshift extended table outside – several had just helped prepare the food and the table was buzzing with music, laughter, and chatter. Each person had contributed in their own unique way to fulfilling the vision of this festival. I felt this huge wave of gratitude, emotion, and a sense of accomplishment and family, wash over me. I felt blissfully rich and so clear on the importance of this mission.

It was in this moment I recognized what I wanted to support you in experiencing too. A deep sense of accomplishment, gratitude, fulfillment, bliss, a feeling of “family,” acceptance, wholeness, and absolute richness. I’ve facilitated some top notch masterminds over the years, but when the SSC closed last year I knew it was because something new wanted to be integrated into this experience – a sense of family, team, and working together to contribute to a greater overall vision for the world. One were we change the way WE work and live so we can change the way women live and work in future generations.

I see you and this “family” coming together to brainstorm your next million dollar idea that will change the world, lounge on Moroccan poufs with palm trees in view, laughing, celebrating huge accomplishments, experience preparing and eating meals together, and holding each other through those moments of “I don’t know if I can do this.” And through it all, I’ll be seeing and celebrating you for all you are, all you’re being and all you’re contributing to the world.

Most importantly, this container will support you in creating space for the offerings YOUR Soul is guiding you to create, instead of staying stagnant working hard and keeping busy on things that no longer fulfill you.

Words can’t describe the awe and beauty this experience will bring – together, you and this sisterhood will integrate a whole new level of Living Richly for you, each other and the world.

A new, Living Richly reality where you:

  • Receive and feel so FULL (in the best way possible), you could burst with love.
  • Access your creative flow more often than not, as you follow the promptings of your Soul.
  • Know you are building a future that you can be proud of – for you, your family (chosen, birthed, friends, community, and pets), and that each of the moments leading up to that also make you proud, because you are going all in and all out following the guidance of your soul.
  • Have precious moments where you want to take it all in more and more with each breath.
  • Feel so connected, so on purpose, so expansive and on fire, and still so peaceful… where you feel like you’re a part of something greater than you could have ever imagined and that you know is changing the world.  Life satisfaction to the max.

It’s time to feel rich in every sense of the word and in every area of your life: rich relationships, rich finances, rich purpose, rich spirituality, rich health.

This group is an “Inner Circle” and is kept intimate not because it needs to be this “exclusive” thing that only so and so gets to be a part of, or to illicit fomo. It’s because the womxn meant to be a part of this have been guided here. If you aren’t guided here with every part of your being (even if you feel some resistance), then you can rest assured there is something else meant for you, and that this is meant for someone else.

If you DO feel every cell in your being guiding you here, know that what you will experience goes beyond logic, or beyond what we (I) could ever plan or strategize.

Yes, you will receive what I share here, but also so much more: you will receive exactly what you most need to receive energetically, emotionally, physically, tangibly, strategically, and relationally (some parts you may be aware of, and some parts you may not even know you need).

if you’re feeling the “yes,” then oh boy I can’t wait to meet you and I invite you to keep reading the details.

Or, just click below to apply right meow.

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So let’s talk more about why you’re here.

It’s not like you aren’t making great money, because you are and have been for some time now, pretty consistently. It’s that now you’ve been guided (by Source, or Desire) to impact more people with your work and to build more of a future financially (vs. juuust getting by each month, no matter how much you seem to make), and most importantly to experience even more life satisfaction.  

Of course, there are certain things you know you require for that to happen (including cash), and you likely feel like you’re at an edge. Your ego is working overtime to keep you comfortable instead of busting through that ceiling. There are subconscious beliefs, old identities, and big fears coming to the surface that are holding you back.

Some of the fears that may be coming up are…

  • If you shift your focus onto what you really want to be working on, you’ll lose the financial security you feel
  • The more you have, the more you can lose
  • You’ll stay stuck in a pattern of achievement or over-committing/over-working
  • Being in the spotlight means more opportunity for persecution
  • You’ll look greedy or selfish
  • You may hurt (or leave behind) others as you step forward in your purpose
  • What you do next won’t be as successful as what you’ve already done, AND you’ll have put more energy into it, making it a waste
  • You’ll have to work harder, hire more support and team members, and manage even more moving pieces… more work
  • Impacting more people and/or having higher-end offerings means more responsibility, which means even more weight on your shoulders than you already have
  • Having to be a different person than you are

You KNOW the only thing holding you back is you.

You also know deep down that you are fully capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to.

This program is focused on helping you ease through those beliefs, identities, and fears that naturally arise when you are going for your next big leap (and this one feels pretty big!).

Because when you get down to it, this is about fulfilling your purpose, being the best you can be, expressing yourself fully, and not backing down from the callings and prompts of your soul.

You’re the type of person that’s committed to growth above almost anything else, and you know a little part of you will die if you stay settled where you’re at.

In the Living Richly Inner Circle, we create connections (with self, Source, and others) and an environment where YOU grow into the RICH person you’re meant to be – with a rich life and a financially rich business that comes with more ease and without sacrificing the things that are most important to you.

more about you

You are:

  • An established business owner, making over $8k a month, and have been for some time now. You’ve been in business for years, and you know there’s no other option for you – this work you’re doing is your purpose.
  • Gifted and extremely talented at what you do (and there’s a lot of things you’re amazing at). You question yourself sometimes, it’s natural, but ultimately you KNOW you’re great at it.
  • An ambitious, soulful, deeply caring business owner feeling compelled to reach even more people with your message and to grow into an even better leader.
  • An innovator, you see possibility and are so creative.
  • Tapped into your gut instinct/intuition and continuously learning to trust it more.
  • Familiar with reaching and surpassing your goals, financially and otherwise. You’ve experienced success, and now you’re ready for what’s next (which could even use some clarifying, btw).
  • Led by your Core Values, which likely look something like:
    • Connection (to self, Source, and others)
    • Growth
    • Freedom (including self-expression and self-responsibility)
    • Enjoyment (you aren’t willing to suffer through the whole process just to get to some superficial goal… you recognize that it’s about the journey not just the destination, and you value making the most out of it)

Life is goood, business is truckin’ along, you’re so blessed. Still, your guidance says it’s time to grow and expand.

The callings you’ve received over the years have prompted you to grow more than you probably ever thought possible.

And… there’s more being asked of you now.

You know what it’s like to work hard, you’ve probably even prided yourself on it at times, and yet, it’s become increasingly clear that it can’t be the guiding force going forward. You aren’t necessarily burnt out, but you know you have the potential to go there and you’re committed to growing your business sustainably while taking care of yourself.

You want to make sure you’re growing your life as you grow as a leader, rather than sacrificing your life. Time for love, family, play, pleasure, your own spiritual growth, adventure and just good ol’ nourishing down time is important to you, especially at this stage.

That’s what I’m here to support you with.

With me as your guide…

Your greatest challenges become breezy, and your biggest dreams become inevitable.

In my 10+ years of coaching, I’ve developed a unique mix of support that leads to swift, powerful, and long-lasting results.

One of my gifts is to evaluate and quickly recognize what you might be missing (practically, energetically, or mindset wise), and to see what will greatly enhance your life. Together, we implement a deliberate, helpful plan while analyzing every aspect of the process, including your energy, mindset, money, and relationships.

As a result, you’ll find a way through life that is aligned with your being and also serves your business. You’ll have a clearer view of your future, and a plan with the tools and practical practices to get there AND move through it safely, with the greatest possible outcome.

In the Living Richly Inner Circle, here’s what you can receive from me:

  • Living Richly Mentorship (including constant permission to be yourself and to have what you desire)
  • Business strategy
  • Masterminding & resource sharing
  • Life coaching and work/life balance support
  • Reflections of your brilliance and gifts
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Energy work & activations
  • Accountability
  • Sisterhood

You’ll receive support and permission to live YOUR rich life: rich relationships, rich creation, rich experiences, rich business, rich health, rich spirituality. This ensures that as your business, finances, and success continue to grow, you grow too – into the woman that can receive & enjoy it all.

Aaaaaaand, a few random things about me, in case you’re curious:

  • I’ve been facilitating masterminds and circles for 7 years, and have experienced navigating almost every situation possible
  • I’m currently enjoying morning Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing – it’s intense), the liquid trap channel on (electronic music lover), and spaghetti squash noodles.
  • I’ve been running my own business for over 7 years. Before that, I worked in gyms, health food stores, and a sexuality shop taking amazing care of my customers, hearing people’s life stories, improving people’s health and sex lives.
  • I have a degree in Holistic Health.
  • I’ve been practicing energy work formally for 13 years (and probably informally the majority of my life).
  • I believe pleasure is productive, space is essential, and opening up to the infinite guidance we have available to us AND acting on it is what brings ease.
  • My clients have manifested new homes, babies, $100k cash sales, new love, publicity deals, and a constant stream of divine guidance with total speed and ease.

katelyn edgar intuitive alchemist

Allison is a major gift from God. I worked with this angel for three years in a row because her support and guidance both in my business and life is SO magical and powerful!

My entire reality is unrecognizable, when I compare when we started together to where I am now. I’ve grown a massive community of clients and students who I get to support and guide. My yearly income grew more than 15 times – LITERALLY! I learned to create a lifestyle that includes making time and space for all the things that really matter to me. I’ve learned how to establish and uphold crucial boundaries (in my business and personal life). I’ve learned to incorporate so much more JOY into my day to day life. I learned to bring BALANCE to my life and business so I can have fun, be productive, make an impact, stay connected with loved ones, support causes I care about, AND receive the financial support that I desire.

Working with Allison is like working with a miracle maker. She just knows the right questions to ask and the right guidance to give, to get you well on your way to making your dreams reality. I’m so so so beyond grateful for this brilliant woman’s support and guidance. Thank you, Alli. <3

Katelyn Edgar, Intuitive Alchemist

Feel the pull? Click below.

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I know that in circle, our “Stuff” can come up. Having facilitated masterminds for 8 years, I’ve navigated all kinds of group dynamics – I know what to look for when accepting people for optimal collaboration and connection, and how to create an environment where you’ll thrive and feel rich with support.

I also know what it’s like to make mistakes when it comes to facilitating, and I have grown and learned A LOT when it comes to providing the best, most holistic and results-focused mastermind for all involved. I shall be fierce and guided in the selection process for this sacred group.

allison braun inner circle retreat

This Experience Includes:

6-month container of growth, acceleration and support. $12k

6 months of in-depth support for both your business and personal life. Experience the most focused, satisfying year, all while reaching your biggest goals.

1:1 intensive. $4k

Have you ever felt like you joined a program, mastermind, or 1×1 experience but the facilitator never really got to know you… which meant that the advice and support felt like it never really landed? This intensive is all about me getting to know you, your dreams, desires, fears, gifts, passions, and biggest areas of growth and then diving into filling the gaps or leaks that are going get you the most efficient, joyful results that day and throughout the 6 months together.

6 monthly 1:1 sessions. $12k

You’ve got your own master coach in your back pocket. You can receive support with program creation and tweaking, closing energy leaks, and integrating next level boundaries for more ease, increasing profit, client challenges, strategy, work/life balance and more. (These sessions will take place on the months where we don’t have an intensive or our big retreat)

messenger access to me and the group for when you most need support. $6k

No need to hold in your desires and needs – now you can let things flow through as they need to for extra speedy shifts.

2 virtual retreat days. $6k

These are the funnest way to start and wrap up our mastermind together as an Inner Circle.

Opening Retreat: This is where we get to know each other as a group, and where you can start to feel seen, heard, and understood. It opens the doors for you to both receive and give support in the most natural ways from each woman in the group. I also always have some fun surprises up my sleeve for this retreat.

Closing Retreat: In our closing retreat, you will be celebrated for the big things and the small that you have integrated, done, experienced, and been. We will look at dreams, desires, and strategy for the next year so you know what’s next as you move forward.

monthly “family dinners.” priceless

An opportunity to cook & commune together in a unique way. Let your guard down, laugh, connect and feel the love. Meet virtually at the dinner table, or even in person if you have a sister nearby.

monthly Living Richly master-minds. $12k

Strategic “Goddess Spots” where you can be heard and receive brilliant, laser-focused support from the group (women who are the best in their fields!) on whatever is present in your business and life. This means fast progress and an abundance of resources to get the best, most efficient (and easeful) results possible.

wealth & worthiness activation. $997

These {energetic} activations have a huge success rate for helping you feel rich and worthy deep down to your cells so you can take the bold, aligned actions that make wealth and financial abundance flow to you and stay with you. Within days of this activation clients have received: $100k pay in full mastermind clients, hot new dates with someone they’d previously been scared to reach out to, new connections that will enhance their big project, and so much more.

flow activation. $997

On the path of increasing profit, creating a bigger impact, and expanding a rich business & life, the question of “do I have to work harder or longer to make this happen?” can creep in. This activation supports the integration of KNOWING you can have all you deeply desire and are called to, without suffering or sacrificing the things most important to you… all with more ease & flow.

extra goodies & surprises. priceless

Guest experts as needed for support with operations, team building, and other strategic business pieces.
40-Day Strengthening the Aura Kriya with Katelyn Edgar.
Custom RICH essential oil blend.
Living Richly With Essential Oils & Crystals Limited Edition Book.
And more 😉

Oh ya, and did I mention you get to go on a Living Richly Retreat too?!

My retreats are known for profound and fast transformation filled with luxurious, pleasurable, memorable experiences. Think drool-worthy views, gourmet meals, camels, spices, laughter, star gazing, and life-changing moments – an experience you will not want to miss.

living richly retreat in marrakech

1 bonus luxury Living Richly Retreat in Morocco. $10k

6 nights of luxury accommodation.
Gourmet meals.
5 days of masterminding, transforming and retreating.

Not included: flights and transportation.

total value: over $64,000

Your Actual Investment: Less than half that.

living richly inner circle retreat

living richly retreat

living richly retreat with allison braun

the possibilities are endless

Here are just a few of the results available to you within this container:

  • Tears of joy and gratitude, along with moments where time seems to stand still so you can breathe it in more and more deeply
  • Doubling or quadrupling your income without working more (often less)
  • A greater sense of purpose
  • Launching (and selling out) a new iteration of your work: a mastermind, a course, a talk…
  • Re-igniting the spark in your relationship (or calling in a new one)
  • More space to tap in, nourish yourself, and do the work that keeps YOU going (writing, energy work, ceremony, design, dance…)
  • Receiving more opportunities to spread your mission, message, and work so you can deepen your impact while also increasing profit
  • Lightness, relief, and peace (with the weight of the world, your clients, and everything else no longer sitting heavily on your shoulders)
  • Calling in more of your next-level soul mate clients, ones who energize, inspire, and cause you to grow too, so that your work is as much a gift to you as it is to them
  • A sense of accomplishment with how you’re moving towards your future, including debt paid off and savings for that next big step in your life (new house, renovations…)
  • Being completely prepped – mentally, foundationally, and financially – to make necessary upgrades and investments in your business (building your team, strengthening structures…)

An activation in receiving.
An activation in ease & simplicity.
An activation in Rich Leadership.
An activation in wealth consciousness.
An activation in enoughness & worthiness.

kristen jett starlit strategies

Do you believe that you can have it all… without doing it all? I came to Allison knowing that I needed to transition into a more pleasurable business – more balance, more ease, more flow and intuition, less of the corporate mindset that had been sticking with me. Because why are we creating businesses if we aren’t also creating more joy and pleasure in our lives?

What if you could have a six figure launch without stress or hustle? What if you could get immense clarity on your soul purpose from Divine herself? A way to include business, family, and pleasure in your day to day life without adding more hours to your day? All of these have came into my life while working with Allison. If you want to truly believe that you can have it all, and bring tangible miracles into your life, Allison is the mentor for you.

Kristen Jett, Intuitive Business Strategist + Profit Priestess,

If you are feeling an energetic “YES!” to this experience, your next step is to apply. This not only gives me a clear picture of where you’re at and where you’re going, but it also gives you an opportunity to clarify your desires even more. I will personally review your application and, if aligned, my team will arrange a time for us to connect to ensure it’s the perfect fit and get you all set up.

apply now

In case you’re still wondering if the Living Richly Inner Circle is for you, here are a few potential confirmations for you, one way or another:

**This particular container won’t be for you if you:

    • Don’t feel a deep connection to me or what you’ve read above
    • Aren’t making at least $6k/m in your business yet
    • Aren’t sure this business thang is for you
    • Aren’t in an emotionally stable space right now
    • Only want business & marketing strategy support
    • Don’t value and take personal responsibility seriously (for your actions, experience, and results)
    • Aren’t willing to receive and let in support & love from others (i.e. me & this group)
    • Aren’t able & willing to show up for the hand-picked women in this group with you
    • Are focused more on attaining a certain level of status right now than making the world a better place & living your purpose full out
    • Aren’t open to utilizing, connecting with, and trusting your intuition/higher self/Source
    • Aren’t coachable or willing to be honest with yourself, me, or this group
    • Don’t believe that combining your brain power, intuition, and resources with the other brilliant womxn in this group would be worth your time
    • Would find making a $28k investment a huge strain or stress
    • Love large groups and would rather be in a group of 20+ people
  • Are really just wanting and needing 1:1 support exclusively (if so, you can email us at

allison braun retreat

Still feel like this is for you? Great! Your next step is to answer a few clarifying questions here.

apply now

Who else will be in this mastermind?

You are all:

  • Action-takers
  • Resourceful af, and currently still pretty well resourced (financially, mentally, emotionally)
  • Business owners in different niches with different specialities with a solid foundation to expand (exponentially) upon
  • Powerful in your own way (and becoming more aware of that fact)
  • Fired up about the change you want to see happen in the world + playing your part in that change
  • Wanting a safe place to land where you can be all of yourself, and also wanting to be of service (you care about making a contribution to this circle, just as much as care about what you receive from it)
  • Mix of coaches, strategists, entrepreneurs and medicine women.

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