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How To Stay Productive In Your Business


One of my biggest challenges in building my business (and from what I hear it may be one of yours too) has been staying focused and productive.

I built my business to not feel like work.  This makes it oh-so-easy for my ego to pipe up and say things like “You can do it this afternoon/tomorrow/next week.”  “After just 1..2 more episode of The Mindy Project.”  And “Things are good enough… you don’t really need to do this.”

And yet, somehow I’ve still managed to build a thriving business…

It’s been a constant dance of pleasure, play, AND productivity.  Devotion is my word of the year and when it comes to those awesome egoic thoughts I have to look back at my goals, WHY they are important to me and consistently re-devote.  P.S. I honestly believe that one of the big reasons my business is thriving (in addition to the practice I’m sharing with you today) is because of my devotion to pleasure and play and to NOT working hard.

That being said there’s one practice I feel has also really contributed to the productive flow in my business (and when the productive flow is…not flowing… I come back and do this practice).  I was reminded of it again this last week while in deep retreat with my Inner Sister Circle here in Bali.

What’s this practice that helps with productive flow?

Identifying and clearing your Energy Leaks.

During a powerful ceremony around sovereignty, Kalila guided us to acknowledgement the things, people, projects, patterns that were sucking our energy, no longer serving us and holding us back from who we want to be (aka our highest selves).



Here’s how you can do it too:

  1. Make a list of ALL the energy leaks you can think of.  These can be anything that is draining your energy and holding you back from being and doing all that you really
  2. Circle the 3 biggest energy leaks out of the list. These are the ones that you feel have the biggest effect on you.
  3. Pick 1-3 out of those you circled that you feel ready and fully committed to clearing. Then write out what those energy leaks are costing you.
  • Mine, for example, were clutter in the house and not asking for and receiving the support I need (aka trying to do it all on my own…funny since one of my fave savings is “you don’t have to do it alone”!  We teach what we most need to learn apparently…!)
  • These two things were/are costing me my energy, inspiration, productivity AND my capacity to serve and have a greater impact.  Muy importante! (on another note, I keep wanting to speak Spanish while in Bali…).
  1. Write the specific actions you will take to clear those energy leaks.
  • I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and ask Garret to clear out some of the boxes that have been sitting in the house BEFORE I get home so the clutter is gone when I arrive back.  Clearing the clutter AND asking for support.  Ta-da!
  1. Do said actions.
  2. Reap the reward of your sweet energy and new level of productivity.

As part of the ceremony we shared with the group what we were letting go of.  I believe this is another important element to the process.  It’s not unlikely that at least one (if not all) of your chosen energy leaks to clear will be deeply ingrained habits or patterns.  This means that despite your commitment, there will be times when it will be easy to fall back into said habit.  What makes the difference to those who follow through consistently and those who don’t?


Cheers to the newfound joy you’ll experience as you release.

Xox Alli

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