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How To Know What Your Niche Should Be

You know you want a business. You’re so sure of that.  If only you felt clear on what your big purpose is – what you’re meant to do – how you can serve others BEST.

If you’re totally clear on your niche or zone of genius you can go ahead and pass this on to a friend or read this instead, otherwise keep reading.

7 years ago I was exactly where you are.  Jonesing to “figure it out.”  I had an idea of the different things I was good at but I knew how important it was to focus your marketing as if you were talking to one person – the person I could help best and would enjoy helping best.  I felt really unclear on what problem I could best help someone with.  Without that clarity I felt like I couldn’t use all the information I’d learned about building a business.  Once I got that clarity I was able to move forward with warp speed.

Since then there has been at least 2 times when I have questioned it all over again.

Here’s what I know to be true AND what you can do to help you know what to focus your business on – how to know who you can help best.  I’ve used this more than once.

5 Truth’s You Need To Know Before Picking A Niche


  1. You can help a lot of different people with different things.
  2. You can help certain people with certain things BETTER than others.
  3. You are living your purpose just by being YOU!
  4. The harder you try to figure it out the harder it is to figure it out.
  5. You’ll probably change your niche at least once and that’s A.o.k.

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Here’s the How-To:


You may have a lot of passions and interests, or a lot of areas of expertise and training.  You may even have a lot of different people you like to help.  When it comes to finding what to focus on (at least first) in your business and marketing there is a perfect intersection of your gifts, expertise, passion and ideal client – this intersection rules things out making it easier for you to focus in.

For example lets say…

Your natural gifts are: Education and motivating others to take action, organization

Your learned expertises are:  Accounting, Health coaching

Your passionate about: Helping people live healthier lives through food, movement and mental health, traveling

Your Soul Mate Client is: Middle aged men in leadership roles

From there you can niche into helping educate and motivate men in leadership roles to live healthier lives.

Next you want to look at a need these men have that living a healthier life will help them with.  For example they may have a need/desire to have more energy so they can be more productive at work and have the energy to hang out with their family after.

You want to match your niche with a need and voila you have your marketing focus.  Each program you create will probably be helping solve a slightly different need within the umbrella of your niche.  Make sense?

Once you’ve gone through this process, run it by a trusted business bestie or coach then try on the niche for size.  There’s only one way to find out how it will feel for you and to gain more clarity from there and that’s by trying.

Then, once you gain this clarity so much relief will flood in and you’ll be able to go out there and do what you do best with focus.

So today, start off by filling the answers to these:

Your natural gifts (the things that come naturally to you like compassion, listening, leading, research..):

Your learned expertise (the training, education and experience you have):

Your passions (things you love or the things you most want to see change in the world):

Your Soul Mate Client (who you most feel passionate about helping and actually will enjoy helping):

What need you think you can best help with based on things that link through the above.

To connect with others who are trying to find their niche and passion, join our community in the Living Richly Lounge here.

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