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AB_jennMy session with Allison was so powerful and gave me the complete clarity I needed to take her ideas and run with them. In less than a month after our session, I booked four (dreamy) 1:1 clients and filled a group program with some really amazing women in a new business direction.

Jenn Scalia,


ashWorking with Allison has catapulted my growth – personally and professionally – which I think is a unique set of results when working with a coach. Most focus strictly on personal or business development and what I’ve loved about working with Allison is that the whole process has been so organic.

During our one on one time, we address what needs to be addressed in real time, whether it’s list building, self care, connection to spirit or incorporating pleasure into the way I work – the way Allison deeply hears and helps you get what you need in the moment is nothing short of magical. I leave each session feeling more connected to myself, my work and the sisterhood she has created.

Learning to work this way has helped me feel confident and excited about sitting down to get work done, about creating launch schedules, and most importantly, about creating my dream lifestyle and the business that fits it.

If you are looking to get long term and personalized results, Allison is the woman to work with. I have such deep gratitude for the space she creates for each of her clients to grow and thrive, and the Sexified Success Circle has been nothing short of the most supportive and sacred sisterhood I’ve ever experienced.

Ashly Rose Wolf | Women’s Health + Sensuality Coach


reneeI am deeply honoured, humbled, and grateful for my experience in the SSC. Allison holds a sacred container for major transformation in a way that has uplevelled all aspects of my life. I went from having inspiration to help other women but not knowing how, to having all of the pillars in place to start my coaching business and getting clients!

Allison is the perfect guide for women who want to bare their souls in business, life, and love. I am in absolute awe and gratitude.

Renee Mclachlan | Women’s Ecstatic Sexuality Coach & Dance Facilitator


hillaryschneiderSince working with Allison, I have launched a new site, with new offerings and new copy, been able to identify and attract my ideal client. Got clear on my message and launch me into being able to reach even new heights of success that were not possible since before we worked together. I had 6 figures within my first 3 weeks of launching and am continuing that trend, most importantly creating more joy and knowing from within that has allowed me to claim it! I would not be where I am in my heights of my business without her mentorship and the incredible space of wisdom and advice that she holds for her clients.

hillary schneider |


AB_tarynAfter just an hour with Allison, I felt clarity around what truly lights me up in my work and mission and more connected to my mission than ever before. I realigned my approach and feel confident to leap full time into coaching because I feel so strongly connected and aligned with my passion and purpose.

Taryn Mason,


AB_vanessaWithin 48 hours, I signed up a new 1:1 clients and had a meeting with a potential new joint venture partner that is very excited to work with me. I’ve made $2000, built my website and have booked a paid speaking engagement! Thanks Allison!

Vanessa Schellenberg |Transformational Life Strategist


AB_natalieMy time working with Allison helped me become more efficient and more confident in prioritizing and sharing what I do in the world. For the first time in my life, I see myself as a savvy entrepreneur with the ability to help my clients while supporting myself.

Natalie Dinsdale


AB_kaitlynAfter me session with Allison I had new practices to prioritize and focus my work as well as a deep belief that work can and should be a pleasure. With these new tools and mindset shift, I have been more productive, less stressed, and taken control of my business once again.

Kaitlyn Beth


elleAllison is one fierce femmepreneur and the only woman I would hire to help my business bloom. Since our work together my book became a novel, my coaching program went VIP, and my business started booming. She gets that being an entrepreneur isn’t one-size-fits-all and she helped me try on a business plan that fit my calling. The fact that she got me more moola in the process is really just a bonus.

Elle Griffin | Divine Feminine Mentor + Founder of Over The Moon Magazine


julieI hired Allison as my mentor because I didn’t know how or where to start in creating an online presence.  My main struggle was marketing.  I knew I was passionate about helping people live healthier lives but didn’t know how to translate that into a successful business that would allow me to sustain myself and travel. I also lacked confidence.

During my time working with Allison I was able to create a really clear, tangible business (helping men in leadership double their energy and productivity levels).  I got clarity on my ideal client, my business, created a signature program,  learn how to outsource the pieces I didn’t want to do, boost my confidence, travel for the first time and really start believing in myself – enough to create this business that I have longed for for a very long time.  I now have the confidence to put myself out there, share my beliefs and know the value I have is worth sharing.

Thanks Allison for helping me navigate a world that was unfamiliar to me and overwhelming. Thank you for your support and drawing my inner truths out of me.

Julie Johnson,


sarahWorking with Allison I have experienced a deeper connection with myself in my body, increased joy and pleasure in my day to day life, stronger sense of trust in myself, deeper connection with others, increased abundance and creative inspiration. I’ve also put my first official blog into the world (after much resistance) and started my own business which is a true expression of my creativity and purpose.

Sarah Penfold | Gumboot Diva (urban homesteading)


sandyI hired Allison because I was looking for help gathering the structure, nuts and bolts and foundation for my business and more clarity on my vision. I was very mindful that I wanted to work with someone I felt aligned with, as I am a woman who wants to do business in the most soul-full way for me. In the last 3 months I have doubled my rates, published my first website, facebook page and blog. I have worked with 7 new high-end clients and have such a delight and ease with my business from finding the clarity I needed and getting the foundation in place… and I am having more fun than I ever thought I would!

Sandy Dow | Creator of The Dow Effect


britzBefore I found Allison, I was lost. Due to a recent shakeup at my previously uber-stable job, I had just decided to start my own business, and I’d never felt more alone in my life. I knew there were a million things I had to do, and I had no idea where to start. I was stuck squarely in “overwhelm” mode, and always felt like I had so much to do, that I mostly ended up not doing any of it. I also had no idea what my knowledge + skills were worth, and chronically undercharged for my services.

Within two months of working with Alli, I was making about $1500+ per month more than I had been working full-time the previous year – and that was working about 22 hours per week. I realized my true potential as a group coach instead of just doing social media for other people and am launching 2 courses this fall to help solopreneurs rock their social media.  There is absolutely NO WAY I would be where I am today without Allison’s help. And the best thing? For the first time in my life, I’m confident that I can run a successful business, and help a whole bunch of people. It feels awesome! If you’re thinking of working with Allison – jump in!

Britz Robins | Social Media Communicorn


haleyAllison has an amazing way of encouraging, and inspiring you to make your life better than you could ever imagine.

Haley Waddell | Teacher


chrissyI came to Allison needing more clarity on my business philosophy and how to create more joy in both my business and my personal life.  She warned me that just by committing to work together I would start seeing results.  Even before working together the energy starting to build around my business. I actually got 4 new clients in the weeks leading up to our first session and 3 of them were in my niche market! My biggest takeaways were creating the packages for my new clients and understanding what I’m worth – that life is not all about work and finding a balance is essential!  I also gained clarity on my niche market and that it’s okay not to take on every potential client – only those that really fit with my company vision.  Now I’m feeling so motivated, excited and energized about my business!

Chrissy Gruninger | Social Media Solutions for Eco Companies


parrishWhen I sat down with Allison I was unsatisfied with my business and definitely not making the money I had hoped. I felt really stuck and I didn’t know how to move forward. With the perfect balance of gentleness and directness, Allison gave me the permission and encouragement I needed to follow my heart, to do what I wanted instead of what I thought I should do.

The time I spent with Allison changed my direction in my business and my life. I am now able to make a real financial contribution to my family while still having the flexibility to take care of my little ones when they need me. I am happier, more successful and totally in love with my business!

Parrish Wilson | Content Catalyst


kimberleyBefore I met Allison, I knew where my expertise lay, and I knew I wanted to start a business, but I didn’t know how to turn that into work that would support and fulfill me. Previous coaching experiences had filled my head with confusing (and often conflicting) rules that I “had” to follow if I wanted to be successful. Ick.

Allison showed me how to start from where I was instead of waiting to find myself in the right place to begin. Now I have a business doing what I love, what I do best, that meets my needs perfectly and doesn’t demand more of me than I’m willing to give it. I couldn’t be happier!

In addition to Allison’s coaching, the ladies in the community with me were an amazing source of support and inspiration. It was the perfect container to stretch and grow in. I have made life-long friends. Of all the ways I could have received knowledge and support as I launched my business, I think this was the best one.

Kimberly Pollard | Success Coach


heatherSince working with Allison I’ve increased my income by an average of $4000/month all the while adding more pleasure and joy into my life. Working with Allison Braun has been a journey my soul was calling out for.

Since starting to work with her I’ve built trust (in myself and the universe), and increased my income by an average of $4000/month all the while adding more pleasure and joy into my life. On top of that I had two travel experiences that were truly a dream come true. I have such deep gratitude for Allison’s honest yet gentle way of helping me become the woman I always knew I could be.

Heather Pennell | The Essence Oracle

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