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Cancer, Love & Green Juice

Cancer, Love & Green Juice

What do cancer, love and green juice have to do with each other?

Let me tell you a story and you’ll see.

I went for surgery today to get a biopsy.  I’ve had this appointment for awhile and it brought up a lot of interesting stuff for me.

Thoughts about life, death, pain, suffering, purpose, thriving, family…

Time for a little mental and emotional care-taking I guess!

When I was 16 I was told I have melanoma (skin cancer) after my supernurse (and very observant) mom noticed a normal looking but growing mole on my arm.

At the time I was fairly unphased by it – I seemed to have this inner knowing that it would all be okay.  I understood that it was based on emotions and I knew what I had to do. (After a few pokes, prods and a month later and I was all good).

So this time the thought of hearing those words again brought up a lot of new and interesting thoughts and questions.

What would I do?

What would I do differently?

And ultimately, why am I not doing the things I would do differently if I knew I had cancer now?

With  my background in Natural Health and energy work I may look at cancer differently than some and I believe that our bodies are capable of amazing things – both sending us messages and healing when we learn from them.

So why was all of this coming up now?  Was I tuned out?

Last weekend while in New York more thoughts arose about life’s expiration date.  I also had the opportunity to hear Kris Carr speak amongst several other very inspiring speakers at Marie Forleo’s RHH Live.

With hundreds of inspiring women around me followed by 2 days with no power and not knowing what was going on (thanks to hurricane Sandy) I had some more time to explore this.

My 5 biggest takeaways from the thought of an impeding expiry date thus far have been:

1.  To TUNE INto my body throughout each and everyday.  I can admit that before leaving for NY I was neglecting my bodies need for lots of movement and extra nutrients.  When I really take time to slow down and listen I know what my body desires.

2. To LISTEN to it and act on the messages I receive.  No more “I should”  ” I need to” or  “I’ll try” – just do.

3.  To FOCUS on my WHY.  This is where the love comes in.  It was so inspiring and motivating to connect even deeper to my why.  Why I am here, what my purpose is, what my desires are…

4.  To LIVE each day and each moment as present as possible and as if I knew I only had ______ time left.

5.  That there are lessons to LEARN in everything.  Our bodies and relationships/interaction with others (and of course ourselves) are our biggest teachers.

*Bonus lesson: Our bodies can heal and we are our own healers. 

Really, I’d like to say it doesn’t matter what the doc will say – but I know to a certain extent it will.  I’ve experienced in the past , just like Kris shares in her story, that when we don’t listen the first, second and third time that the message will get bigger and more intense.  Sadly, sometimes I, like the rest of us, ignore those messages.  I don’t think I want to ignore this one!

What messages are you ignoring?

The biggest thing that came out of all of this is WILL I MAKE THE CHANGES I KNOW I NEED TO AND THAT MY BODY AND SOUL ARE DESIRING even if the doc says “all is good”??

My answer is yes.  I am ready to live full out.  I will do my best each day to do so.  Even if it means drinking green juice.

What is your why?  What would be worth moving through your fears and stepping our of your comfort zone for?  

Allison’s Why: I believe you and every woman deserves to be sexually free – free to totally express themselves without feeling guilt, shame or obligation. I believe that when women ( and men) are able to feel safe to be themselves, sexuality and all, that the world will change.  My love for what I do and who I work with, my love for my dear friends and family and my love of experiencing life with all it’s ups and downs is what motivates me to be the best me I can be and to LIVE.

Connect with others to share your why as part of our sisterhood here.


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