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Cancer, Love & Green Juice

Cancer, Love & Green Juice

What do cancer, love and green juice have to do with each other?

Let me tell you a story and you’ll see.

I went for surgery today to get a biopsy.  I’ve had this appointment for awhile and it brought up a lot of interesting stuff for me.

Thoughts about life, death, pain, suffering, purpose, thriving, family…

Time for a little mental and emotional care-taking I guess!

When I was 16 I was told I have melanoma (skin cancer) after my supernurse (and very observant) mom noticed a normal looking but growing mole on my arm.

At the time I was fairly unphased by it – I seemed to have this inner knowing that it would all be okay.  I understood that it was based on emotions and I knew what I had to do. (After a few pokes, prods and a month later and I was all good).

So this time the thought of hearing those words again brought up a lot of new and interesting thoughts and questions.

What would I do?

What would I do differently?

And ultimately, why am I not doing the things I would do differently if I knew I had cancer now?

With  my background in Natural Health and energy work I may look at cancer differently than some and I believe that our bodies are capable of amazing things – both sending us messages and healing when we learn from them.

So why was all of this coming up now?  Was I tuned out?

Last weekend while in New York more thoughts arose about life’s expiration date.  I also had the opportunity to hear Kris Carr speak amongst several other very inspiring speakers at Marie Forleo’s RHH Live.

With hundreds of inspiring women around me followed by 2 days with no power and not knowing what was going on (thanks to hurricane Sandy) I had some more time to explore this.

My 5 biggest takeaways from the thought of an impeding expiry date thus far have been:

1.  To TUNE INto my body throughout each and everyday.  I can admit that before leaving for NY I was neglecting my bodies need for lots of movement and extra nutrients.  When I really take time to slow down and listen I know what my body desires.

2. To LISTEN to it and act on the messages I receive.  No more “I should”  ” I need to” or  “I’ll try” – just do.

3.  To FOCUS on my WHY.  This is where the love comes in.  It was so inspiring and motivating to connect even deeper to my why.  Why I am here, what my purpose is, what my desires are…

4.  To LIVE each day and each moment as present as possible and as if I knew I only had ______ time left.

5.  That there are lessons to LEARN in everything.  Our bodies and relationships/interaction with others (and of course ourselves) are our biggest teachers.

*Bonus lesson: Our bodies can heal and we are our own healers. 

Really, I’d like to say it doesn’t matter what the doc will say – but I know to a certain extent it will.  I’ve experienced in the past , just like Kris shares in her story, that when we don’t listen the first, second and third time that the message will get bigger and more intense.  Sadly, sometimes I, like the rest of us, ignore those messages.  I don’t think I want to ignore this one!

What messages are you ignoring?

The biggest thing that came out of all of this is WILL I MAKE THE CHANGES I KNOW I NEED TO AND THAT MY BODY AND SOUL ARE DESIRING even if the doc says “all is good”??

My answer is yes.  I am ready to live full out.  I will do my best each day to do so.  Even if it means drinking green juice.

What is your why?  What would be worth moving through your fears and stepping our of your comfort zone for?  

Allison’s Why: I believe you and every woman deserves to be sexually free – free to totally express themselves without feeling guilt, shame or obligation. I believe that when women ( and men) are able to feel safe to be themselves, sexuality and all, that the world will change.  My love for what I do and who I work with, my love for my dear friends and family and my love of experiencing life with all it’s ups and downs is what motivates me to be the best me I can be and to LIVE.

Connect with others to share your why as part of our sisterhood here.


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8 Responses to Cancer, Love & Green Juice

  1. Hi Allison!
    Great post! Nothing more important than our health. Sending the best healing energy your way and imagining all is well. So cool that you got to see Kris Carr and Marie Forleo!! Interesting ‘coincidence’: I bought Kris’s book about a year ago and then shelved it for a while, and this morning I took it out again, determined to get back on the bandwagon. I appreciate your sharing and inspiration!

  2. This is such a great post….I have pften wondered how and why I am still around…..being a survivor and not quite out of the dark yet I have done many things to create a peacefulness inside my chaotic ming……….there are so many dynamics I feel that create this sad energy within our bodies and for me the one I tapped into and explored the most was my anger……I know exactly where it is in my body and hence came the sickness. It has taken a great deal of support from others along with a personal desire to improve on my character defects. Feeling that self love has not come easy but has certainly opened my eyes to how much power we truly have as individuals. That being said accountability is essential or at least in my case once I began to recognize my part in my sickness a shift occured……I am grateful for this reflection………I love this post….. 🙂

    • Hey Sim,
      I’m so glad you read this post 🙂 Thank you for sharing a bit about your experience and thoughts.
      I truly feel all the healthy eating and exercise in the world won’t help if we aren’t first pacifying our emotions like anger, jealousy, pride, resentment…
      You’ve got no character defects just emotions like the rest of us. You are an amazing survivor. Cheers to the path of not only surviving but also THRIVING 😉 xox

  3. Hi again Allison,
    Thanks for asking me to post why I am ready to live full out- Well, I so value health, and have put a lot of focus on emotional health, but was not living up to vision of myself with regard to physical health. It’s so important to be to be a positive role model to not only my 3 sons and extended family but my clients as well. My husband Dave has been into fitness since he was a young teenager, but I’ve been more of a couch potato who exercises off and on. I want to be able to keep up with him! Dave and I have been west coast swing dancing since January and we just love it. We just moved back to Ottawa and found a club that also teaches the lindy hop, which is really outrageously fun and strenuous and I want to be able to do it. When we were at the club, there was a 20 something year old dancing with a lady of probably over 70 and she was having a blast! That’s what I want to be able to do! When we have grandkids I want to be able to keep up with them and bypass all the traditional aches and pains and problems that so many people develop as a result of poor self-care. I’m super excited about the future and know that I can express that best when I’m in top physical shape! So I’ll be dusting off my juicer and running shoes today!

  4. Hi Allison,

    After reading your recent post, cancer, love & green juice i just had to let you know about Kevin Gianni and his Healing Cancer World Summit online event which is underway right now here:

    The focus of this event is on
    case studies — from the doctors and the survivors themselves. You’ll discover exactly how they prevent and treat cancer naturally.

    Marion is right. You just can’t beat nutritional food and exercise. I am eating right, meditating and working on increasing my exercise, I have been in top form in the past, physically, mentally and emotionally and there is nothing like it! No disease would have stood a chance in my body. That experience changed the way I ate from that moment on.

    It is a commitment though and maybe a bit of hard work but if we just start with one area, one thing at a time, we will begin to see and feel so much better that it just strengthens your commitment.

    What we eat is of the utmost importance as it is the nutritional fuel our body needs in order to function optimally.

    Why do we put off doing this? It probably is a combination of things and different for everybody. I think that a lot of the food we eat is addictive. We get hooked on the fat or the sugar so even the thought of eating healthy doesn’t sound very appetizing. The kicker is, healthy food doesn’t have to taste healthy! I’m sure you will find that out when you make some of Chris’ recipes. Just taking those first few steps ie: “I’m going to eat healthy (or exercise etc.) just for this week”, gets the momentum going.

    You will be A-OK……no matter what the results of your biopsy. These questions you have been asking yourself are good questions that we should all be asking ourselves and checking in again at other points in our life, so I thank you for sharing your personal story. You have awakened all of us to take a good hard look at our life.

    Love and health,

    Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant
    and a Nude Food nut!

    • Hey Irene,
      Thanks for sharing! Food is such a biggie. I have no doubt that I will be golden and am thankful for the introspection these questions have brought and shared in hopes of inspiring others 🙂 I hope you will share your “why” with us 🙂
      P.S. I love “Nude Food”!

  5. Hi Allison,
    Sorry for not getting to the “why” in my earlier post.
    I was fortunate to have a mother who had taken interest in her fathers interest in herbal medicine. I remember going to the Health Food Store and alternative doctors with my mum when I was about 13 years old. So having grown up in this environment I developed an interest in health. In later years and with my background in marketing I could see the very slick false advertising when it came to promoting some “food” products. It got me investigating what we eat.
    Along the way I was shown a photograph of myself at the company Christmas party. Boy! Had i put on weight. I also was noticing that I could not run but a few feet before being out of breathe. Knowing that I had no self discipline when it came to the gym I signed up with a personal trainer. At the very same time I heard a talk on Raw Food and decided to jump in full board and ate that way while I was worked out. I am so thankful those two things came together at the same time as I have that experience cemented in my brain. I never felt healthier, happier, mentally sharp and fit in my life! My skin was glowing!
    As “they” say……knowledge is power. Having taken many years to investigate health claims and marketing ploys I decided to take responsibility for my own health as I realized that no one else, even the doctor, will have as much invested in my body than me! My experience with the trainer and detox diet showed me what it is like to be truly healthy and so I will always strive to maintain that. Investing in our own healthy is truly the best investment we will ever make.
    Then again, I wouldn’t be 100% honest if I didn’t mention that (after seeing the Christmas party photo) vanity had something to do with me taking the steps that I did!

    Love and health,

    Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant
    and a Nude Food nut!

    P.S. Happy to know you like “Nude (NUtrient DEnse) Food”. l:^)

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