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9 Gems To Create More Flow In Your Business

There’s a part of me that hasn’t been feeling as passionate or inspired the last week or two.  After staying awake all night last night I was able to reflect a little and see some dots connecting.  I believe, in part, this lack of passion and inspiration was due to a lack of my passions and inspirations in my life… makes sense doesn’t it?!

Then I remembered a moment I had last week – one in which I felt absolute glee, childlike blissful glee.  It was when I found, in a local market here in Yangon, a store filled with strings of gems of every kind.  I was in heaven.  The colors, cuts, and feel brought me to the present moment.


Sitting in bed last night I was taken back to when I was growing up and would spend my $2 allowance at “The Rock Shop” my dad would take my sister and I to every week. I’m sure I had (almost) every kind – drawers filled by the time I was 10.

Anytime I’ve been asked to reflect on what I wanted to be when I grew up or what I played with as a kid, I thought “I don’t know, nothing really.”  Probably because my interests didn’t fit into the typically ones I completely discounted them.  What I loved doing was reading, collecting rocks, money and coins, daydreaming and making things.  I thought about being a gemologist or a geologist when growing up – I remember now.

I always encourage my clients to bring more of themselves, their interests, passions and quirks into their business and here I was forgetting to bring mine in.  This just goes to show there are always more layers, as well as reminders we need to move forward in the way we want.

To express my love for gems AND tie it into how you can express your purpose and love your work I’ve included a list of the top 9 gems you can use daily to feel more inspiration, clarity, drive, grounded, abundant and focused.  In other words – to bring more flow into your business.

(To further use this as an example, I just want to add that there are ways to bring in your different passions into your business without them being what you profit off of or focus on.)

  1. Amethyst.
    A spiritual stone that is calming and meditative and works on the higher chakras – opening up the gateways and reaching for spiritual growth.  It’s a great stone to wear and keep around when developing new content or before a session with a client.
  2. Rutilated Quartz. 
    Working around technology throughout the day can really drain your energy.  Things like computers emit positive ions (which aren’t so positive).  Rutilated quartz absorbs the positive ions and emits negative ones (which are actually good) allowing you to feel a less negative effect and more energy from long hours on the computer.I like to place a piece right on my computer (it’s a laptop so it sits perfectly and looks pretty).
  3. Rose Quartz.
    Has a very feminine energy, and is great for healing, comfort, opening the heart, providing a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment as well as healing emotional wounds, fears and resentments.  Tend to overgive?  This stone helps you to both give and receive from a place of love.  A stone of the heart – it also inspires beauty, and stimulates the imagination. Perfect to have around when creating art, music or writing.  It also helps with sensual imagination {wink, wink}.
  4. Smoky Quartz.
    One of my newer faves, Smoky Quartz is great for moving forward into clarity and growth opportunities (and when running a business we all need somma that!).  It’s great for a lil’ extra energy boost as well as a sense of assurance and joy for doing what you do.
  5. Carnelian.
    An awesome stone for biz success!  With the reddy/orange color it’s no surprise this is a great gem for the sacral chakra – boosting creativity, abundance and motivation.  Having trouble concentrating?  Where some Carnelian or put a stone or two around your computer/work space. It’ll increase your drive and confidence.
  6. Labradorite.
    My all time favorite stone.  I once read that it’s “an ordinary stone that transforms to the extraordinary”  and I remembered that because it made me think that when wearing it, it’d transform me from an ordinary person to an extraordinary person.  It’s great for those who travel, as well as healers and those who are seeking knowledge and guidance.  It brings out the best in people and is great for connecting to your intuition and inner guidance.  Bonus, if you tend to be anti-social or easily distracted this will help!
  7. White Jade.
    A stone for the smarty pants business owners who want to focus their energy on the things that will be most advantageous while filtering out distractions.  It’s also great for helping you to envision the best results in different situations you may be encountering and to stay committed to your intentions.
  8. Hematite.
    This is a super grounding stone.  Another great one for traveling as well as to keep by your computer.  It’s got a very balanced energy – high energy and spiritual connectedness with a very grounded, practical nature.  It encourages aspiration to your personal goals while releasing judgment.  It’s got a very masculine energy.
  9. Citrine.
    Add a bounce to your step and a smile to your face.  Happiness, optimism, prosperity, abundance and joy are what this stone is all about.  You really can’t go wrong.  Alongside Carnelian it’s a good one to keep in a cash drawer, or other places you keep money or associate with money.

What stone are you going to bring into your “office” this week?  Have a favorite that isn’t included here?  We want to know about it!  Let us know here; come join us as part of the Soulful Success Tribe!

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