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5 Ways To Shift Out Of Desperation Energy

Just like in any other relationship when someone comes off as desperate and needy there tends to be a repelling action that happens as a result.  No one wants to hang out with someone who is clingy and desperately NEEDS them, right?!

We want to spend time with people who are awesome, content & don’t need us but rather just love to be around us.  This is very much the case in your business.  The more you can stay in that energy – an energy others love to be around vs. the repellent that is desperation – the more things will flow in your business, including clients.

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Here’s 5 ways to shift out of that desperation and into attraction.

1.  Shift your focus from what you need to what you can give.

What’s one thing you could give right now that would feel so good to give/share?  Do it!

2.  Feel grateful.  

Make a list of 50 things you’re grateful for (it won’t take long, and it’s not that beneficial if you don’t actually do it) and allow yourself to really feeel the gratitude.

3.  Take stock of your successes and feel how good you are at what you do.

Think about all the people you’ve helped, how you made changes in your own life…shift to thinking about how frickin’ awesome you are and why people should work with you.  Think about all the benefits others have received from being around you and working with you.

New at what you do and haven’t worked with many people?  Close your eyes and breathe.  While doing this call to mind the person you feel most inspired to help and why.  Imagine yourself helping them.  Then imagine them not getting your help.  Feel the difference.

4.  Practice self care & pleasure.

Do something for yourself that’s fun & pleasurable.

This isn’t always the easiest thing to do when you are stressing feeling desperate to get clients, but I assure you this will be far more productive than almost anything else you are doing.  Actually, do this first before anything else and the results will be far better.

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5.  Allow yourself to receive help.

It’s important to know that while most healers, coaches, consultants,etc. are great at what they do, they are not educated in marketing themselves.  Passion, skill and enthusiasm alone probably won’t be enough for you to build the business you really want, one that will give you the freedom you want.

Receiving the clarity, training & support you need to learn how to put yourself out there in a way that actually attracts clients who will invest in working with you is an investment in the future of your business, you and even your family.  So, if you’re good at what you do, do everyone else a favor and learn how to market yourself so you can be seen by those who need you.  (Hint: Clarity To Clients will help you with that…big time!).

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