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5 Unconventional Strategies To Make Your Business More Awesome

5 Unconventional Strategies To Make Your Business More Awesome

Okay, I’m going to be totally straight up.  There’s some unconventional (some may even say “out there”) strategies I use to make my experience in my business more joyful…and awesome.  Due to the nature of these items I have avoided sharing them for fear of judgement and potential ridicule.

But, because of the sheer awesomeness of them and the benefits, I feel it would be a disservice to keep them to myself.  So I won’t.

These 5 unconventional strategies make my life and work more fun, joy-full, rewarding, “successful,” and just plain easier.  Allow them to bring you inspiration and ideas of your own.

If you don’t know me yet then I will mention I am an anti-hustler and believe in a business path flow, inspired action and pleasure.  The following “unconventional” business strategies allow me to meet my needs and desires while staying in flow.


Work with your spiritual “team.” 

I spend my work days with my team, because most days I’m not actually in person or even talking with my Success Circle, I regularly depend on my spiritual success circle.  Call them what you will; angels, guides, imaginary friends, Source, God…), they are awesome and readily available sources for inspiration, support and connection.

How to: I invite them to hang out, share their ideas and whatever else my intention may be for the day.  It can also look like meditation, daydreaming, journaling, drawing an angel card,  prayer or whatever other spiritual practice you enjoy.


I do Bellyfit.  A workout that is a beautiful mix of strength and fluidity, spirituality, ancient and modern, and my favorite parts: sensuality epic music and cultivation of creative energy.  It’s holistic and embraces all of the practices, beliefs, sounds and movements I love.  What makes it even better?  I can do it from home or my laptop while traveling.

How to:  Check out Bellyfit for yourself here and/or create/find your own unique mix of movement you love.


Orgasm with intention or general utilization of sexual energy.

As you may very well know, I am a huge fan and believer of the power of sexual energy.  It is our life force and creative energy.  That from which we give birth to ideas, businesses, babies, opportunities and more.  By tapping into my sexual energy I’m able to get both the inspiration and manifestation/attraction that are so important as an entrepreneur.

How to: Orgasm with intention ~ Before beginning sexual activity (whether on your own or with a partner) set a clear intention of what you wish to manifest/create/attract.  At the point of orgasm focus and send the energy to that intention.  Powerful stuff.

If that’s a bit much for you try this as an alternative ~ While doing a seated meditation start flexing your PC muscles as you breath in and out.  Once again, set your intention of what you want to manifest/create/attract as you focus on circulating the energy from your pelvis through your body.


Get expansive. 

I often find myself getting stuck in comfortable little zones.  This prevents me from being as alive & creative as I’d like as well prevents me from reaching more people.  The solution:  I have to do things that contribute to expansion – getting out of my comfort zone as well as expanding my energy and reach.

Favorite How To’s: Chant during meditation without censorship (good ol’ regular singing is an alternative), dance with very large movements outside of your typical range, try new things that will challenge you or allow you to meet new people.  Yoga is also a great way to get expansive.



I don’t do things I hate or I quickly learn to love them.

There is a common belief system amongst business owners, especially new business owners, that you have to go through the grind.  You have to do things you strongly dislike to get ahead.  Now I’m not saying that if I don’t like doing something I just ignore it, because it is true that certain things have to get done.

What I do differently is I look at the situation like this, I can either 1) not do it 2) adjust how I do it to make it more fun and enjoyable (this may simply require a shift in mindset) 3) outsource it.  Always going for the path of the most relief and pleasure.

How to:  When a “to-do” appears on your list that you absolutely despise doing, ask yourself “is there a way I can do this differently to make it more enjoyable?” if not… ask yourself “what would happen if I just didn’t do it?”  and if the answer to that isn’t a pleasant one then you can go to option 3 and outsource it.