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5 Things You Need To Get Clients

About four years ago I started to realize what was really necessary in order to get clients.  Not just any clients but the ones that I loved working with and who would happily invest in themselves through me.

In the years prior to that I had to rely on another full time job to support me, because the clients just weren’t flowing in and when the odd one did it was for a whopping $40 an hour.  Not exactly sustainable.

Here’s 5 things I’ve found, time and time again, that you need in order to get clients.  I highly recommend you learn how to effectively attract and enroll clients if you want to avoid struggling and start building a business that allows you to use your gifts to help others while bringing in the money you need to support you.


People need to trust you, at least to a certain extent, in order to give you money and want to work with you.  Qualifications and certifications are important but your Soul Mate Client needs to know that you are the one that can help them best.  I find this trust is best built by sharing who you are, sharing your experiences and weaving in your successes, qualifications and areas of expertise.

Trust Building Action: Consistently share quality education, resources or anything else that will build credibility and add value for those you want to work with.


aboutallisonJust because you start a business or throw up a website does not mean people are magically know it exists.  People, in particular your Soul Mate Clients have to see you/your business in order to know you hold the solution they need.

Visibility Boosting Action:  Share something, anything (almost), regularly.  I find pictures work really well.  Writing comes way more naturally to me than taking/finding photos or making videos so that’s usually what I share.


Smart marketing encompasses a lot of things, including sharing specifically who you help, what you help them with and what results you can help them get.  This means not focusing so much on the “how” “what” or all the tools and certifications you have.  These are great for building trust when woven in here and there but you want to make sure that people get what you can help them with specifically.  Often the more focused you are, the more people will trust you to help them get those results.  For many gaining this clarity can be one of the most challenging parts of business.

To me smart marketing is also about being myself – so be yourself!  Share your interests, passions, and stories.  The more people can connect with who you really are the more you are going to attract those that will be a perfect fit for you.

Smart Marketing Action:  Thinking of the person you’d like to work with most (your Soul Mate Client) – what’s the very first problem you can help them solve that they are aware that they have?  Bring this into your writing/videos/programs and let people know!


In particular, you need to feel comfortable asking for and receiving money.  If you aren’t comfortable asking for it, that means you’re less likely to.  Also, on an energetic level people can usually tell if you aren’t comfortable asking for money which will often compromise trust or tempt them to push your boundaries by asking for discounts, exchanges or free help.

Money Comfort Action: Practice asking for money (in different dollar amounts) from friends, family or your business bestie.  Don’t worry you can let them know you’re practicing.  You can also practice stating the investment of working with you in the mirror.  Say it loud and proud.


Don’t be shy when you know you can help someone.  You are the professional, the expert (or at least the person that has the expertise that this person needs), it’s your job to give your recommendation on how this person can improve their situation (of course, this is after they’ve asked for your advice/support or after you’ve asked for permission to share your recommendation with them).  Keeping this to yourself or shying away from being a leader is not only costing you a client but it’s costing an opportunity for that person to receive the support they need.  One thing that always helps me get grounded for this is to remember to stay committed to supporting them but unattached to what that looks like.

Leadership Action:  When someone is asking for your advice/help in an area that definitely requires more than a quick answer, let them know what you think they really need in order to get where they are wanting to go.  This may or may not be one of your offerings.

Start experimenting with the listed action steps above and watch your business foundation grow and the client inquiries start to come in.

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