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12 Things To Include In Your Program to Increase Value (& Results)

A question I get asked a lot by my budding business owners is what to include in their program or offering – in particular what will make it valuable AND get great results for their clients.

Before divulging the goods here are a few things to consider first:

  • What is really important to you?  Are you really passionate about being available for 1×1 support?  DO you want your clients to learn how to be more self-sufficient or to be able to work on their own schedule?
  • How do you love to receive content/support? (Hint: Your clients and people you attract will most likely be like you)
  • How do your ideal clients like to receive content and support? (Hint: This is where market research comes in handy) At different stages of each persons journey they need different things, the same goes for different personality and learning types.  Knowing your ideal client will help you really speak to them and give them what they are needing/looking for.
  • What is necessary in order for your clients to get their desired results aka the promise of the program?

Once you’ve covered that you can pick n’ choose from the following list of deliverables to add value to your next (or current) program.

  1. 1×1 session/s.
  2. “VIP” Day, Mini Retreat, either in person or virtual.
  3. Email Support/Access.
  4. Pre-recorded Bonus trainings that actively contribute to their desired results.
  5. LIVE Workshop (get it done while there!)
  6. Group Support/Mastermind/FB Group.
  7. Bonus Resources; Done-For-You Templates, PDF Workbooks, Resource Guides, Scripts
  8. Guest Speaker or Bonus From a Guest.  Ideally something that covers a need that will be revealed in the program but that you don’t actually cover in length or specialize in yourself.
  9. Q&A.
  10. Something Handmade – personalized for a personal touch.
  11. “How To” Videos based on the things everyone in the program needs to know.
  12. Mp3 Recordings for re-listening.And, because I REALLY love bonuses here are two fun bonuses that have a big appeal for specific ideal clients:
  13. Networking and Promotional Opportunities.
  14. Surprises!

What really makes a difference for you when purchasing a “program”?  Share it with our sisterhood here, as part of the Soulful Success Tribe.

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